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Jan Vormann x Legos

Dispatchwork-in-Berlin-1 A man by the name of Jan Vormann “dispatched” holes in Berlin with Legos. They were mostly bullet holes that remained from World War II. On location Kupfergraben/Dorotheenstraße, people began helping him dispatch the bullet holes in their own styles. All the pictures you see here, are the ones from Berlin.

His dispatch work with Legos is incredible, and very imaginative. Who would’ve thought that Legos placed in holes of buildings could be so beautiful? The construction of the buildings getting filled with vibrant-colored kids toys… it’s a fantastic contrast. I wish I could see it in person, but I think the pictures do justice to the real thing. Click the links after the jump, to see more beauty in Poland & Italy. Great stuff.

Bronx Bees

So I've talked about this before, just not here. Around the Fordham area of the Bronx, there's a really talented graffiti artist who likes to put up bees everywhere. Now...

[ARCHIVE] Graffiti Art, Bronx NY

So here I am, aimlessly wandering around the Bronx when I stumble upon some awesome graffiti art. I thought I'd take a pic or two, but as soon as I...