Two Tiffanys celebrating what they love by giving it a stage and using their voices to spread the word.


KC Ortiz’s Forced Rebellion photography

KC Ortiz (that is not him pictured at the left, by the way) is a photojournalist based in Chicago. He first began shooting the gang and graffiti lifestyle. He focuses on the world’s forgotten and overlooked people. He’s traveled to many areas of the world.

His latest gallery titled, “Forced Rebellion – Hmong CIA Veterans of the Secret War” is incredible. With a ton of bravery and a camera in hand, KC walked around with the Hmong people and captured shots that give you a small glimpse into the lives of the Hmong people that were left behind.

Concept Korea Fashion Collective 2010

Last night was the invite-only opening ceremony for Concept Korea’s Fashion Collective 2010; an event hosted by the The Republic of Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea Creative Content Agency and in collaboration with the Council of Fashion Designers of America. The stunning gallery showcased the talents of  six South Korean designers:  Andy Kim and Debbie Yoon of ANDY & DEBB, Choon Moo Park of PARKCHOONMOO, Sung Wan Hong of ROLIAT, Doii Lee of DOII PARIS, JUUN.J, and Kuho Jung of KUHO .

Sticker Phiends III

Calling all sticker heads… Sticker Phiends is back for a third time! Street/Gallery aritst, MadOne, is hosting Sticker Phiends III here in Phoenix, AZ, soon.

Sticker Phiends is an art showcase of local and international sticker artists. The show features stickers and other interactive activities, sticker pack giveaways, free goodies, limited edition screen prints produced by the artists, and so much more. In 2009, the show won the best art show for the city of Phoenix. It’s a big event, so if you’re in the area… check it out.

Interview: Flipz5 of Rok The Spot

Rok The Spot is a two-man collective of artists living in Florida. They are equally handsome, talented, and cool. And did I mention that they are brothers?

Meet Flipz5 and Carlo$. They paint, draw, take part in photography, and even cut hair. You can see their work on clothing (t-shirts, hats, and shoes), bags, female bodies, canvases, munny’s, and anything else that they see fit. And Flipz5 agreed to let me interview him for CrayonBeats, so check it out…

Jarbas Agnelli's Birds on the Wires

Remember that post I made with the guy making music by using the tree? Well this is just as cool. Jarbas Agnelli came up with an idea while reading his newspaper. He saw a picture of birds on the electric wires, and decided to cut it out and use the birds placement as music notes. Quite inventive, I thought.

John Baizley art

I saw this incredible painting at your left today, and had to find more. More artwork and more on who this John Baizley was. Well a little more, as I couldn’t find much on him.

Baizley is a painter and a musician from Georgia. He has done t-shirt art and album covers for bands such as, Pig Destroyer, Darkest Hour, Daughters, The Famine, Kylesa, Cursed, his own band Baroness (he’s the singer and rhythm guitarist), and more.

The picture you see at the left is the album cover for his band, Baroness, called “Blue Record“.

Less talk, more beautiful art pieces!


Suso33 is a graffiti writer based in Madrid, Spain. He’s been around since the ’90s (maybe ’80s), and became one of the first Spanish post-graffiti artists. Suso33 has been featured in graffiti books and numerous exhibitions, museums and festivals. He also mixes performance and painting. Some of my favorites of his are the faces and shadows he paints on old brick and stone walls, which is becoming harder to do as they’re being replaced with glass buildings.

I don’t know much else about the guy, but check out a few pictures and this video that shows him painting a face with drippy markers.

Ginou Choueiri's potato faces

Baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, french fries, and a canvas to draw on. Yes, you read that right. Ginou Choueiri uses potatoes to draw on human faces.

I chose the potato to portray the human face due to the many striking parallels: their porous skin, their similar color, and like us, they come in different shapes and sizes.

The portraits are that of friends, family, people I’ve met along the way, as well as politicians and pop stars.

Swet Goes Red

Fourteen days into the project, Danish graffiti writer Swet will be doing 100 red pieces in 100 days. Every day, he’ll upload each piece at Molotow. The color he’s using is the Molotow Premium 400ml Swet100 Traffic Red.

The project began on December 1st, 2009 and will go on until March 10th, 2010 (my birthday, btw).

Swet about the project: “for me it’s a challenge to see if I can find the time to paint even more without neglecting work or my family. And of course see what I can do with my style when all the pieces have to be different and with only one fill in colour to work with…”

Time For Some Green Graffiti

Spraycan by LadybirdSo, I’m just chilling around the internets, catching up on a few blogs that I haven’t visited in a while when I come across this post on the hip hop/crafting blog AfroDandy. In it, blogger, craftster, and hip hop enthusiast Zavi posted a brief entry about “Green Graffiti” and I instantly became intrigued. As you know, Tiffology posted a few other interesting graffiti before (ex: here, and here) and I figured, you guys might like this too. So, off to google I went and found a bunch of great pictures of the Green Graffiti aka Moss Graffiti. Now as you know, the whole world is pretty much going green to help our planet and the art world is no different. These incredibly cool moss creations not only look sweet, but being that they’re  natural, they are much much better for the ozone than spray paint, paint markers, sharpies and what have you. YAY BIODEGRADABLE! Take a look after the break to see more pictures like this one from Ladybird ,vids I found around the net  and an easy recipie if you want to give it a try.

The Mac & Retna – Vagos y Reinas

macretna3 Robert Berman Gallery presents the collaborative exhibit of The Mac and RetnaVagos y Reinas.

The gallery has been open since September 26th, and the last day you can view the exhibition is October 17th. I don’t live in California, but if you do… and you’re in the Santa Monica area, check it out.

Super Nova Jimi

mearonejimismall Can you guess who that is at the left? If you’re thinking Jimi Hendrix, or if you read the title of this post, you’re right. Haha.

Mear One, a well-known west coast artist (based in Los Angeles), has painted this beautiful work of art. An oil canvas of the legendary Jimi Hendrix.