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Calibro 35 – “Bandits on Mars” video

The Italian funk band Calibro 35 dropped a new song and video recently, called “Bandits on Mars”, which will appear on their forthcoming, fifth studio album S.P.A.C.E.. The music video was filmed by John Snellinberg (who also did “The Butcher’s Bride” video) and, much like their other videos, this one has a cinematic vibe. The explosive funk jam sets the mood for what we see as a furious Western fellow heading to Mars to seek revenge on 3 bandits that took his wife’s heart. I won’t say much else, because you really have to see it. Action, space, revenge, aliens, robots, laser guns, and an “Oh, shit!” twist of an ending… you gotta watch it!

The “Bandits on Mars” single is available on a limited edition 45 vinyl and digital download together, with a bonus track called “CLBR35” (it started at 500, but when writing the post, it was down to 19 remaining).

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Written By: Tiffany B.

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