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Pentatonix – The First Noel [video]

IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!! Yay! I decided that for the next five days I’m gonna post my favorite Christmas songs/videos because IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!! Yay! To start things off, here’s Pentatonix and The First Noel. This song has always been a favorite song of mine because of the melody, but PTX of course bangs out the most beautifulest of harmonies, taking it to another level of wow.

Pinqy Ring: Where Do We Go From Here?

Pinqy Ring released the video for this track earlier this month to shed light on the tragic state of the city of Chicago. From senseless murders and abuses of power,  “Where Do We Go From Here?” addresses these issues in this powerful track about gun violence in The Windy City. As a teacher and social activist born and raised in Chicago, she pours her soul out calling for her city to come together and rise above.

Tiffology’s Art: So Dam-FunKy

(@plagueround @damfunk)
Hey, everyone. Not too long ago, Tiffny and I have decided that we are not only going to write about you/musicians/other artists/etc on here (and sharing things that we think are awesome), but we are also going to be sharing things that personally involve us and own endeavors as well. At least, we are going to try to do that a little more often. For example, we each have our own categories under Art (Tiffny’s Art and Tiffology’s Art), where we will be showcasing our digital art and such (oh what, you didn’t know we get down on the artistic front, too?!). We will likely be adding more categories and cool things that pertain to the two/each of us as time progresses (Tiffny’s photography, perhaps), but just thought I’d give you a little heads up since I didn’t really mention that when I shared my Brown Bag AllStars vector series with you awhile back.

Bambu – “Progressive Tax” video

From his Party Worker album that was released late last year, Bay Area emcee Bambu dropped a music video for his Frank Grimes-produced song “Progressive Tax”. Directed by Anthony Ignacio and edited by Chris Miyasaki, we see Bambu acting as a preacher, speaking out to the people, as he spits a political message about corporations that rely on big money to exist, the system ultimately setting people up to fail, and how it’s up to the people to be better and create change. Watch the video below.

Vic Virtuoso – “Altercation” video

California-based rapper Vic Virtuoso released his full-length album, titled Victor Van Gogh, on November 3rd. Last month, he dropped a music video for the song “Altercation”. Directed by TOROHFILMS, we see Vic dedicating his days to training to be at his best, through various forms of cardio and strength training. It serves as a visual metaphor that he will do whatever it takes to achieve his dreams, that he will fight in the face of fear, and that he will continue to prove people wrong.

Album Review: Jesse O’Neill – “Talkin’ Paradox Blues”

Jesse O’Neill is a New York-based acoustic blues/folk singer-songwriter and guitarist. The very first time that I saw Jesse O’Neill’s name was in Corina Corina‘s first album, The Eargasm, when he played guitar on her song “Dear Amy”. Then, I heard and reviewed the Max Caddy album (a collaborative project between Jesse and Corina Corina), which I loved and still find myself listening to every now-and-then.

Knightstalker & Falling Down – “Times Have Changed” remix b/w “Jugular” remix

To close the gap between Knightstalker and Falling Down‘s 2013 collaborative EP and their forthcoming EP, they released a third and final single from Kept In Perspective II. Actually, it’s a double a-side single, and it comes in the form of two remixes of tracks that came from their first project. The first is a remix for “Times Have Changed”, which featured 9th Prince, Fes Taylor, and Dark Skinned Assassin, and the second remix is of “Jugular“, which featured Kinetic 9. Don’t sleep on ’em. Listen to both songs below, and look out for the EP on December 18th!

Knightstalker & Falling Down – “Built 4 Eternity” (ft Dark Skinned Assassin, Merc Versus & Ackurate)

From Germany and New York, respectively, emcee Knightstalker and producer Falling Down are gearing up to release their Kept In Perspective II EP soon. Following their first single, they bring back emcee Dark Skinned Assassin, as well as Merc Versus and Ackurate, to slay some rhymes on “Built 4 Eternity”.

Over a smooth, string-laden boom bap beat, laced with a chopped and looped soul vocal, the four emcees spit bars that speak on passion, perseverance, and the power within the each of them to be eternally successful. Give it a listen and download for free. Look out for their new EP!

Knightstalker & Falling Down – “Demolition Squad” (ft Sav Killz & Dark Skinned Assassin)

Berlin emcee Knightstalker and New York producer Falling Down will be following up their 2013 EP with a second installment, called Kept In Perspective II. The forthcoming EP’s first single was “Demolition Squad”, which also featured New York emcees Sav Killz and Dark Skinned Assassin. Over a hard-hitting, horn-blowin’ beat, the three emcees come out swinging vicious, gritty bars that aim to destroy anyone in their way. “This is demolition music, the sound of destruction // Bars with the power of a thousand eruptions // Demolition music, the sound of destruction // We’re out here to crush ’em, without no discussion!” Stream the song below and download for free.

Ceschi – “This Won’t Last Forever” video

From his Factor Chandelier-produced Broken Bone Ballads album that released earlier this year, hip hop artist Ceschi dropped a music video for the song “This Won’t Last Forever”. The song is a thank you letter to their mothers, and all other good mothers, who went above and beyond to show endless love through any and everything; it’s filled with apologies, promises, love, and teaching moments. “Mother, I know they never paid you a proper wage // So thank you doubly for every sacrifice you made // If we reach the end of days or I ever lose my way // I’ll follow crumbs back to you and will never stray // Loved ones found // Loved ones lost // Just know that I will never forget any of them – none.

Onry Ozzborn – “Let Them Go” (ft Scotty Preston)

Onry Ozzborn‘s latest single, from his highly anticipated album DUO, is the song “Let Them Go”. Produced by Jack Rylands, our ears are hit with a rock-infused instrumental that’s led by gentle hi-hat jingles, thumping kick drums, and prominent guitars, while Onry unwinds with dark lyrics about hopelessness, running scared and feeling oneself slip into a place of hurt and vulnerability. Scotty Preston‘s intense punk vocals cry out in the chorus, really adding to the aggressive emotion and feeling of pain in this song. Listen below and look out for the fourth single later this week.