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Aquilo – “Better Off Without You”

Since releasing their Human EP, electronic-soul duo Aquilo are scheduled to release another one. Expected to be released on June 1st, via B3SCI Records, the Calling Me EP has four brand new songs, including their first single, “Better Off Without You”.

Over a smooth-rolling rhythm of drums, a warm piano, and a saxophone crooning in the background, silky soul (almost sexy) vocals sing a melancholy tune about heartache and moving on from that love. It’s a little more uptempo than their previous offerings, and it still possesses such raw emotion and passion. While I love the whole song, my favorite part comes towards the end, when the instrumentation picks up a smidgen and the vocals go straight into ecstasy. Yesssss! Listen to the song below.

Aquilo – “Losing You” (Vanic remix)

Aquilo‘s stunning “Losing You” single was recently remixed by Vancouver-based DJ/producer Vanic, dipping its emotional pop feet into dubstep territory. The original beauty remains in the vocal work, as birds chirp along with the piano chords in the verses, and soon climbing into massive, darting synth lines. Great for the dance floor, your bedroom, or wherever you are. Stream the remix below. You’re free to download it, too, if you follow Vanic on Soundcloud.

Limited-Time Discounts: Get Illus albums for $1 each (today only)

Have you been wanting to buy an album(s) from Connecticut-based illustrator/emcee Illus‘s discography on Bandcamp, but have been strapped for cash and have yet been able to throw down the money for it? Maybe one of those albums is in your Bandcamp “wishlist”. Well, today’s your lucky day. For today only, Illus is giving back to his fans, with an opportunity to buy any digital album of his… for only $1. If you’re already a fan of him, then you know that he’s known to do some pretty neat bargains, like when he occasionally combines a physical album with a free drawing. This is another one of those bargains, that you shouldn’t pass up on.

De La Soul – “God It” (ft Nas)

Checked my email this morning, and found out that G_Force produced a song for legendary hip hop acts De La Soul and Nas, for a song called “God It”. In the midst of recording their new album (and successfully crowdfunding it via Kickstarter, at 400% with 10 days remaining), De La Soul gave us listeners/fans a taste of the good music we can expect. Although this is not a cut on the album, it’s still dope and should be heard.

De La Soul (don’t forget the “Soul”, because they still got it, baby booooy) reflect on their lives, their music, and the state of hip hop, on this knocking boom bap beat. Although Nas doesn’t bless a verse, he is on the catchy hook. Stream below! Also, make sure that you check out their Kickstarter, to get involved in all the neat stuff they’re offering up, before time runs out.

Album Review: MC Bravado – “Walk The Line”

I haven’t covered MC Bravado since the Dope Perspective EP that he dropped in 2012, with C-Nature, so I’m glad to come across somewhat new EP of his. Released on October 13th, 2014, Walk The Line is a conceptual project that finds him weaving between Johnny Cash’s own experiences, outlooks, and familiar soundscapes to create those of his own. There are 5 tracks, with features from SC Static, No-Name, Josh Mitchell, Aaron Michael Chamberlain, Anthony Vincent (of Ten Second Songs on Youtube), Fonte Cruise, Soul Khan, and C-Nature.

Pinqy Ring: Lipstick

Chicago-based rapper Pinqy Ring is back and she’s out to prove that lyricism is not dead amongst female emcees with her new single LIPSTICK. Showing off her lyrical prowess and attacking with a rapid fire flow, punches and metaphors Pinqy is proof positive that women “can be witty, intelligent, lyrical, boss-like and still rock some fierce faces.”  Switching it up she even throws in a little Spanish just to let you know she can crush emcees in more than one language. Lipstick will be featured on her upcoming album HERstory: The Lost Chapters, set for release this spring.

Calibro 35 vs Beastie Boys – “Sabotaggio”

When I saw that my favorite crime funk dudes Calibro 35 did something cool with Beastie Boys‘ “Sabotage”, I fell into giddy fan-girl mode upon pushing the play button. Titled “Sabotaggio”, these funky-fresh Italian musicians used the Beastie Boys acapella and fused it with their killer rendition… and I can’t stop, won’t stop rocking out to it. I love it so much! It’s the perfect song for them and their style; you gotta hear it.

This single kicks off their European tour of the same name, too! Find the May dates located below, after you stream and DOWNLOAD the song for free. Do it now, and turn that volume way, way up. Also, look out for their fifth album in 2016, because they just entered the doors at the Toe Rag Studios in London, to begin recording it. If you haven’t heard their previous albums, and most recently their Traditori di Tutti album, what the heck are you waiting for?

Marin – “Day 42” video

You remember Marin‘s (@marinmonroe) song “Day 42“, right? Of course, you do! Well, the music video for that single has arrived. Directed by Deckard, Marin stands center screen of the black-and-white video, while she sings her late-night, soulful tune of the kind of woman she may become when real romance enters her life. Look out for her debut EP soon. Until then, watch the music video below!

Savier – “Plan The Escape”

Having shared Savier‘s (@_savier) “Ghost” yesterday, why don’t you check out one of his latest tracks? Inspired by Son Lux’s song of the same name, “Plan The Escape” finds him plotting freedom from a cruel world, over a slowed-down sample that leads the way, down a shadowy path of cold percussion, dodgy synths, and a heavy organ. Savier’s lyrics unravel into the darker areas of his mind, as he raps about the hate and pain around him. “I’m offering freedom and I’ll set you free // I’ll set you free…” It’s a really dope song, so have a listen below. Listen multiple times.

Hanzo Reiza feat. Julian Nagano, Terusha & Benten: 1, 2

New from Hanzo Reiza 1, 2 featuring Julian Nagano, Terusha and Benten. This is the first collaboration with all four artists since Julian’s HNY 2013. On this track, each artist hits the beat with their verse giving it the proverbial 1,2. Available to stream via Hanzo Reiza’s bandcamp and is also available as a free download. Listen/download below:

Savier – “Ghost”

Savier (@_savier) is a producer and emcee, from Chicago, Illinois. I’ve been meaning to share his song “Ghost” since February, but it kind of slipped between my fingers… until now, that is. Over a daunting beat, made up of hard-hitting drums, crispy hi-hats, and warped vocals, Savier comes out swinging with aggressive bars about being held back and being taken advantage of by people who don’t want the best for you, so you gotta look out for yourself. It’s much more “hard” than that description, though, so give it a listen.