Two Tiffanys celebrating what they love by giving it a stage and using their voices to spread the word.


Tef Wesley – “Gametime” video

Representing the DMV area, emcee Tef Wesley is back with a brand new music video, and it’s been a long time coming. From his forthcoming, collaborative album with producer Grussle, titled Pens & Needles, this one is for a banger called “Gametime”. Over hard-hitting drums, a fiery electric guitar, bright horns, and razor-sharp cuts by DJ Ragz, Tef Wesley wrecks the mic with a furious delivery, clever wordplay, and gritty raps, that represent where he’s from and who he is lyrically. It’s game time, and Tef Wesley isn’t going down without a fight.

CB Premiere: Cantalouper – “Crybaby”

Cantalouper is a 4-piece indie rock band, from Columbia, Missouri, made up between Levi Dolan (vocals, guitar), Chuck Parzych III (drums), Andrew Dolan (keyboard), and Josh Reid (bass). On May 8th, they will be releasing their second full-length album, to follow-up their 2008 release, Mandrakes. Partially crowdfunded, this new album, titled Reproduction, sounds pretty good so far, seeing as how they’ve already released the first two singles (“Parking Lot” and “Katydid“, which you can hear here on their website).


Here’s some new music from EMI MARIA‘s new album EUPHORIA, titled ONE OF THEM, a song that seems to draw inspiration from Drake’s signature mellow singing style. What I love about this track is how smooth it is and how it continues to showcase EMI MARIA’s versatility. She’s never been one to sit in a specific genre. When she first came on the scene with Between the Music, I remember everyone falling in love with her sound as at the time, not many artists were going for the sensual and soulful sound. She kept that vibe with her album A Ballad Of My Own and then  gave us the business with strong R&B influences on Blue Bird and then dabbled in Pop and dubstep on Contrast and IN MY WORLD. It seems as if with this album she’ll be heading back to R&B/Hip-Hop influences. EUPHORIA will feature 12 brand new tracks showcasing her ever evolving artistry. Watch the visual below:

Camea: Broken Glass

Released in February 2015, Broken Glass is the first single from DMV artist Camea’s upcoming solo project. The single is inspirational, pulling from Camea’s own sense of perseverance and positivity she sings about overcoming any obstacles. I first came across Camea on ReverbNation. Her voice is so strong and her words are powerful, which grabbed my attention immediately. With Broken Glass, her strong lyrics  give you the push you need to know that no matter what, you can come from “a place of brokenness to a place of healing and discovery.” Listen to Broken Glass below.

Olmeca – “Run The Joyas”

I’m a little late on this song, but its freshness trumps time. Earlier this year, Olmeca dropped a song called “Run The Joyas” and, as you might’ve guessed, it’s his rendition of El-P & Killer Mike’s “Run The Jewels“. Over the same beat–but with DJ Ethos‘ cutting company–Olmeca jumps on the beat with a similar rapid flow and cadence, and raps entirely in Spanish.

Olmeca – “Shiva”

On this past Earth Day, California hip hop artist Olmeca released a song, called “Shiva”, that honors Eco-Feminist and scholar Dr. Vandana Shiva. He was inspired to write “Shiva” after meeting her at the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education, in 2014. He enlisted the 16-piece Eco-Music Big Band, a New York-based radical jazz orchestra band, to throw down on the track… and it’s just so good, all around.

Vic Virtuoso – “Pale Moon Light” video

On April 13th, California rapper Vic Virtuoso (@Vic_Virtuoso) dropped a music video, for a self-produced song called “Pale Moon Light”. This is his second music video, following “Heathen“. Referencing The Joker, when he asks his prey/Bruce Wayne, “Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?”, a stressed-out Vic takes us down a dark alley of personal thoughts, past sins, death, and friends turned foes. Watch the video below, directed by Chad A. Marshall.

Tor Miller – “Midnight” video

Remember when I posted Tor Miller‘s “Midnight” song? Have you seen the music video yet? As to be expected from the lyrics, the black-and-white video follows Tor Miller as he wanders New York City, at night, all alone. This single can be found on his Headlights EP. Also below, you’ll find his U.S. tour dates for this summer. Watch the video now.

Teenage Love – “Lazer Eyes”

Teenage Love is an electronic-pop lady duo, made up of Denmark-based Anna Lidell and Brooklyn-based Katy Gunn. The two met in 2011, through mutual friends, when Anna made a trip to New York City. With Katy’s classical violin training and soulful vocals, and Anna’s experience as an electronic producer, it’s no surprise that the two would bond and make music together.

The first release from the Teenage Love‘s upcoming EP, is a song called “Lazer Eyes”. Over dashing violin strings, sizzling synth lines, and asynchronous claps, the fun beat suits well with Katy’s sweet, quirky vocal harmonies, as she sings a poetic tune, seemingly about breaking free from someone’s vice grip authority. Or something like that. Listen below.