Two Tiffanys celebrating what they love by giving it a stage and using their voices to spread the word.


The Cloaks – “Flight” (ft Gonjasufi) video

Brand new music video from The Cloaks, for their song “Flight” featuring Gonjasufi, off of their self-titled album. The music video is bit of a psychedelic mind-fuck, giving your eyes something new and trippy to focus in on as the skeleton wanderer walks the beautifully-colored desert terrain and flies through the skies. Animated by UK artist Evil Twin, and inspired by the surreal world of collage artist Albane Simon (who designed the album art). I love it. Watch it now, and join the secret society of The Cloaks!

Paper Tombs – “Paper Tombs” EP

The identities behind P∆PER †OMB$ will remain a mystery for now, but we can say that it’s a duo, with a guy on the beats and another on the mic. Not so shocking, though, huh? Offering a 3-track, self-titled project, you’ll be haunted by bewitching beats of heavy bass drums, rattling hi-hats, creeping synth lines, demonic vocal samples, and dark, grimy raps. Stream the EP below, and buy it for $1 over at Bandcamp (you can also find it on other digital retailers, such as Amazon).

Stillborn Identity – “City Breathing” (ft Plots)

Pittsburgh rapper Stillborn Identity (@CodyJonesSTLBRN) recently dropped a new track, called “City Breathing”, from his forthcoming STLBRNcollabamonth2015 project. Featuring Plots (formerly of the hip hop group The 1’st and 2’s and the pop punk band Latecomer), with Romanian producer Jammineye on the clunky, synth-laden beat, the two trade foul-mouthed bars about being struggling rappers that couldn’t care less about people’s opinions, while flipping fingers at early-bird construction crews that disrupt their slumber. Stream and download for free.

Sapient – “Gone DEFCON flip” video

Since returning from his Lumens tour, Sapient (@sapientkills) filmed a dope, live performance video for “Gone DEFCON“, from his Eaters Volume Two: Light Tiger album.

Single-handedly playing every instrument, he flipped his own song by adding an alternate chorus. Same punchy, grab-life-by-the-throat rhymes, witty wordplay, tough delivery, confident demeanor, and a song about living life the way he wants, without looking back, and making a living by doing what he loves. Who needs to brag, when his skill and accomplishments speak for themselves? Yesssss! Check it out, and make sure you grab that album.

Dregs One – “A San Franciscan Eulogy” video

Bay Area emcee Dregs One (@dregs_one) confronts gentrification through a different medium than he’s used to–a spoken word piece, called “A San Franciscan Eulogy”. Shot by XienHow for TeamDoneSon and edited by Dregs One, we see a frustrated Dregs standing his city’s streets, speaking on the struggle and suffering. Watch the video below.

Pinqy Ring – Lipstick (official video)

Earlier I blogged about Pinkqy Ring’s latest single Lipstick from her upcoming album HERstory: The Lost Chapters, set for release May 15, 2015. Well, she’s just released the official video, which was filmed with women in mind and features many types of women looking fierce in their Mac cosmetics. Overall, the point of the video, song and album is spotlighting how women are highly underrepresented in hip hop as consumers and practitioners, she wants everyone to know that “music is transformative and unifying,” and the message to women to speak our minds doesn’t mean we can’t rock our lipstick is resounding! She is a beast who is ready to eat ‘sour emcees’ all while keeping her Ruby Woo unsmudged. Check out the video for Lipstick Below!

Margie Joseph – “The Same Love That Made Me Laugh” & “I Can’t Move No Mountains” (Scrimshire Edit)

Today, I wanted to share with you two Scrimshire edits that I landed on, where he tweaked songs by 70’s R&B/soul singer Margie Joseph. The first remix was for “I Can’t Move No Mountains”, and it’s a vibrant, groovy disco joint that’s perfect for the dance floor, complete with a sparkly light show. Then, on her Bill Withers’ cover of “The Same Love That Made Me Laugh”, Scrimshire made it into an uptempo funk number, with punchy drums and has her voice–even when it’s chopped up a little–soaring even higher.

Scrimshire’s edits always show love and respect to the original creators, by not tweaking with it too much and just shaking them up enough to feel something new. That’s exactly what you’ll hear in these two, so stream and download for free!

Scrimshire – “A Free EP: Forgotten Songs Vol. 3”

London-based singer-songwriter, producer, and DJ Scrimshire (@scrimshire) released his third and final Forgotten Songs EP, on May 1st. I wrote about the first, but forgot to post up his second volume (go ahead and grab that). The five songs on Forgotton Songs EP: Vol. Three were made when he was putting together his previous album, Bight. They’re a mixture of being jazzy, atmospheric, and experimental; and they’re all hypnotically lovely. Two of them were written by Daudi Matsiko (“As You Pass By” and “Reflection”), and another one was with drummer Chris Boot (“Cloud Cover”). “212 555 4200” and “Bright Lights” were Scrimshire‘s own creations, and he describes them as being “an exercise in exorcising some darkness. And with the cupboards now fully cleared I hope to make a proper start on new material soon.

Smoke Season – “Bees”

Indie-Americana duo Smoke Season (@smokeseasonband) have a newish single out, called “Bees”. Produced by David Burris and Kyle Draper, frontwoman Gabrielle Wortman‘s ethereal, yet seductive voice tip-toes over ethereal synths, gentle guitar plucks, shaky snares, and echoing vocals, in the verses; but the song picks up during the climatic, uptempo chorus, and you’ll find yourself singing along in no time. Perfect Smoke Season style!

Behind all the bee talk, I’m pretty sure that there’s a sexual innuendo of sorts in here, based on the suggestive wording (ie: “You get the honey without the sting” or “Honey on your eyelids // You got bees on your tongue and a heart on your sleeve“); but, whatever the case, I really like this one. Have a listen!

Menacin Johnson x Duke Westlake – “What It Means” (ft Rain Bisou)

Los Angeles emcee Menacin Johnson (@menacinjohnson) is getting ready to release his collaborative album, titled Stargate Aquarius, with producer Duke Westlake. The first single came out about a month ago, and it’s called “What It Means”. Featuring singer Rain Bisou on the hook and background vocals, Menacin raps about living that good life, over a head-nodding, breezy beat that makes me wanna relax, while sipping a icy-cold beverage. This is feel good music, so take a listen below.