Two Tiffanys celebrating what they love by giving it a stage and using their voices to spread the word.



Fresh from her newly released album EUPHORIA, Emi Maria (@Ms_B_O_P) gives us this sexy visual for her new track, I AM WATER. Showing off the upper register of her 7 octave vocal range, Emi Maria is definitely coming through as a multifaceted artist, not just because she’s exercising her skills as a vocalist but as with her previous release from the album with her single ONE OF THEM, she’s giving us all life with these beats from NAOtheLAIZA for this album. This track is a-mazing and while it’s not too important in the grand scheme of things, I’m absolutely in love with her box braids. She’s sooo freaking gorgeous. Check out EMI MARIA doing her think after the jump.

Hanzo Reiza – Shanghai 13

Released last weekend via bandcamp, Hanzo Reiza (@KIReizaNinja) put together a raw compilation of tracks for Shanghai 13. As the latest album in his massive discography, Shanghai 13 is what the London emcee describes as ‘rough around the edges’ but I personally think the grittiness and unpolished sound better amplifies his growth as an emcee and lyricist. The album currently is available for a limited number of free downloads, so take a listen below and grab a copy today (or if you like, you can also name-your-price!)

Delano Taylor- “fine dining… & breathing” Album

Inspiration strikes at the most random of times. For Delano Taylor (@delanotaylor), that moment was when he found himself watching an episode of Spongebob, and that particular phrase stuck with him…resulting in the title of his newest project “fine dining…& breathing.” For this project, Taylor pieced together an album grounded with samples, beats and lyrics that highlights the highs (fine dining) and lows (breathing) of what we experience. Check it out below.

elsphinx – “Cellar Door” video

New York-based emcee elsphinx (@elsphinx) is preparing to release an 18-track album, titled Brain Cave Deluxe, on June 5th, via Pig Food Records. You can expect some guests on this full-length project, and those are Giant Gorilla Dog Thing, Devin B, Jak Tripper, Alaska, The Secret Handshake, and a special J57 remix of one of the songs. The album’s pre-order is currently in effect (but closes on May 29th), and it comes with some unique goodies, such as a limited-edition tie-dye shirt and clear, orange-splattered vinyl.

LXL – “Cusack”

Straight from Detroit, Michigan, comes a rap trio called LXL (Large Extra Large), which is composed of emcee/producer Jah Connery, emcee WarrenPeace, and DJ Kee Flo. However, while new as a group, they are not new to the rap scene… know what I mean? They have performed as a group several times this year, throughout Michigan, so maybe you’ve already heard of their music. Or, maybe you’re a fan of their solo work, which would have lead you down the path of this new project.

LXL are currently working on their debut EP, and have released the first track from it, called “Cusack”. Over a hypnotic, looped horn and dusty drums, the two come out with strong deliveries and cool flows, while lacing their raps with some witty wordplay, a lot of metaphors, pop culture references, and nods to the actor John Cusack. “How you not know John Cusack?” Listen below!

QM – “Right On The Spot” (ft TLiT)

Rapper QM (@qmrecleague) made a brand new track for Real Rad Records‘ compilation, released on May 15th, called Spring Collection: Volume 2. Titled “Right On The Spot”, QM and TLiT pour some drinks while they rap about life and music. They get it right on the spot with a fun, energetic song that’s suitable for spring, or any other season where a good time is being had. Produced by TLiT, too. Stream and download the song (and the rest of the compilation, if you’d like).

Julian Nagano- “Pyramid”

Here's some new music from one of my personal faves Julian Nagano (@juliannagano) titled Pyramid which is "jacked*" from Manhattan Records artist SALU's song of the same name (ピラミッド feat....

Pinqy Ring: Herstory: The Lost Chapters (album teaser)

I’m so excited to let you guys know that Pinqy Ring‘s (@pinqyring) much anticipated album, HERtory: The Lost Chapters is now available for your audio pleasure! The album is 17 tracks of personal, uplifting, invigorating and thought-provoking tracks from the proven emcee. Here’s what the press release has to say about HERstory:

Herstory: The Lost Chapters is Pinqy Ring’s story in song, but it is also ALL of our stories. Be it heartache or happiness, struggle or success, the beauty of life or of being a broke rapper, this album takes you on a journey through the mind of a rapper with a story to tell… This is HERstory! –PinqyRing Press Release (May, 2015)

White Like Fire – “Wait the Night Out” EP

Since sharing White Like Fire‘s (@whitelikefire) “You Gave Up On Me” video and getting put onto them then, the Pennsylvania-based indie rock band independently released their Wait The Night Out EP, on April 21st. Through 6 songs, they sure do make heartbreak, feeling lost in life, loneliness, and those darker times sound so damn cool and, most importantly, temporary. Or, at least, they’ll have you feeling good on the surface, with energetic dance moves to take your mind off of the other things that consume your mind. There’s a bright sun and beautiful rainbows just beyond the rain, you know.

Extra Lovely Records – “Extra Lovely Vol. 1” compilation

On May 4th, Pennsylvania emcee/producer Stainless Steele (@stainlessone) released the first compilation of music, from his blog-turned-label Extra Lovely Records. Extra Lovely Vol. 1 is a 14-track collection of songs from the artists: Swarvy, N.O.M.A.D, All Shapes, Sir Froderick, Maf Maddix, Deflon, HeadPiece, Garfunkle, Yikes The Zero, Adam Jeez, Ghost McGrady, MogillaH, Stainless Steele, and Asonic Garcia. You’ll find beats and vocal tracks that expand into the electronic hip hop universe–mixing together sounds of head-nodding boom bap, experimental jazz, smooth psychedelic, to synth-heavy glitch. It’s a cool selection of music that you can kick back and zone out to, headphones on or off.

This is available as a $5 digital download, or you can buy a limited-edition cassette tape for $8 (which comes with the MP3 album, too). Art work was done by Adam Leak, and the cassette layout was done by Tiffology (Hey, that’s me!). Stream the project below, and then make your way to Bandcamp to buy it!

Brown Bag AllStars – “Set Ablaze” (ft Akie Bermiss)

As the first Brown Bag AllStars (@brownbagallstar) posse track in over a year, “Set Ablaze” finds them sending smoke signals with strong lyrical heat, verbal jabs, aggressive deliveries, and confident bars, over a smooth, boom bap banger. Take heed, because this team is a threat (as if you didn’t already know that). Produced by J57 (see him create it live over here), with cuts by DeeJay Element, and frequent collaborator Akie Bermiss on the soulful hook. Stream the song below, and look out for two new projects soon.