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Marvelous Mag – “Respect Yourself” (ft Brenton)

A New York-based hip hop artist by the name of Marvelous Mag (@marvelousmagny) dropped a powerful song today that’s dedicated to women, called “Respect Yourself”. Produced by The Audible Doctor, Marvelous and Brenton bless the mic with inspirational words of encouragement, empowering women with friendly reminders to have self-worth, self-love, and self-respect. Maya Angelou’s poetic “Phenomenal Woman” being spoken on the intro and outro, too. It’s a feel-good, soulful song that I can get behind. Give it a listen.

Hunter Rapwell – “Ain’t We Lucky” (ft ¡Mayday!) video

California rapper Hunter Rapwell (@hunterrapwell) is an original member of Bay Area hip hop group Sonicbloom, and he’ll be releasing his first official solo album soon, titled Proper Grammar Free. Back in March, he dropped the first single, called “Ain’t We Lucky”.

Produced by Black Bumple Bee, the song features Wrekonize and Bernz (of ¡Mayday!), and the three of them trade verses that illustrates their gratitude for the good life. The beat is so dang memorable and smooth, too, with the boom bap drums, robotic knob squeals, and a notable soulful TV sample that will be looping in your head. Watch the Brian Christ-directed video below.

Ateller – “Wolfchild” (ft Denitia)

Today, I got put onto Brooklyn-based producer Ateller, after seeing that he’s releasing an EP with the French label Cascade Records. Two out of the five songs are ready to stream now, and those being “BK Dusk” and “Wolfchild”. While both are beautiful songs, I wanted to share “Wolfchild”, in particular, since it’s the newest single.

Classified as a future-R&B song, Ateller creates a relaxed, seductive mood with clapping snares, jittery percussion, wobbly synths, and slowed-down background vocals, while singer Denitia unwinds with her smooth, soulful voice and love-infused lyrics. Listen to the song below, and look out for Ateller‘s 1001 Nights EP on June 1st.

Jaymes Young & Phoebe Ryan – “We Won’t”

Los Angeles-based, pop singer-songwriter Phoebe Ryan‘s name has been rising to the top, since her cover mash-up of R. Kelly’s “Ignition” and Miguel’s “Do You” (see here). She followed that with her first original single and music video for “Mine“, which showed us her talent as a confident songwriter, letting us know that this songbird has more to offer. That time has come now, with a brand new single that I can’t stop playing.

F. Virtue – “Growing Old” video

F. Virtue (@FamelessVirtue) released a music video for his song “Growing Old”, and let me tell you that my eyes watered up with happiness when watching it, and listening to the sweet, loving lyrics. Weddings between two people who love each other will always make me cry. Yup, you read it–F. Virtue wrote this song for his husband, and the visual has footage from their wedding. Awwww!

The song is a unique combination between acoustic folk-rock, hip hop, and jazz, and his songwriting is honest, personal, and he tells his story about falling in love. It’s so sweet and heart-warming, and it’s a beautiful thing that they are sharing their moment and love with the world. “Our love’s like… fuck it // No simile to describe it // ‘Cause no similar statement could ever define it–my baby.

B.O.O.K.S. One – “Yeah Yeah Yeah”

California-based producer B.O.O.K.S. One (@books_one) dropped a brand new beat yesterday, and it’s called “Yeah Yeah Yeah”. Looped vocals bounce around chunky drums, echoing claps, bubbly effects, and twisting synth lines, giving us a unique spacey hip hop tune to bump out of our speakers and nod our heads to. This track can be found on his forthcoming EP, titled TIME and MIND.

When I asked B.O.O.K.S. One about the EP, he said: “Well, I have many sides to my production and really felt like letting people hear this side. There are five tracks. Almost all original beats. Only one musical sample on a track called “Hard To Burn”. It’s slow, too. Slow in a grimy way… neck snappers. There isn’t a lot out there like this.” There you have it! Listen to “Yeah Yeah Yeah” now, and look out for more!

Kanibeat – “Youth” album

Kanibeat is an 18-year-old beat maker from Siberia, Russia, and he recently linked up with Cult Classic Records, where he released his debut album, Youth. You’ll find 10 beats that embody the downtempo, jazzy hip hop vibe, so you could let these soothing tunes be the soundtrack to the end of your busy days and capping off your relaxing nights.

He says they capture different emotions, people, feelings, and everything he’s been through in his life. “It’s filled with warm memories and nostalgic vibes. How about having a little journey?” Stream the album below, and feel free to name your own price when you click that “buy now” link at Bandcamp.

Throwing Shade – “Honeytrap” (ft Emily Bee) video

Throwing Shade (@throwing_shade_), whose real name is Nabihah Iqbal, is a London-based producer, DJ, and NTS Radio presenter. Following her 19 Jewels EP, released last year in May, she will be dropping her new Fate Xclusive EP on May 25th, via No Pain In Pop.

“Honeytrap” is the lead single, and it’s said to be a love song to London. Moving through steamy and enticing moods, I’m captivated by a downtempo pop groove of thumping drums, breathy voices, sparkling percussion, and Emily Bee‘s sweet voice speaking about a love’s desire and pleasure. Wheeeew, so good! If you were around for her “Sweet Tooth” music video, from last year, this new video follows the sweet and seductive-themed footsteps, and features an array of half-naked men.

E Reece – “Success (Keep On Rising) (ft Jimetta Rose) video

After sharing E Reece‘s (@ereece) “Success (Keep On Rising)” song two weeks ago, the Los Angeles emcee dropped a music video for it yesterday. Directed by Jason Frerking, the video finds E Reece on a TV, reflecting on his own success, through motivational lyrics that are passed on to his son. An enjoyable, uplifting song that’s paired with good visuals that illustrate the lyrics… what’s not to like? Watch the video below.