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Geneva : Yours to Keep

I’ve been listening to this track non-stop for the last few days and I’m finally able to let you guys know my thought about it. In short, I’m in love with Geneva being in love.

Album Review: Kap Kallous – “DECEMBER”

Since releasing his Grandeur album (which I reviewed), the Orlando-native, Los Angeles-based emcee Kap Kallous has been working hard on the next project. One year later, on June 22nd, he released DECEMBER. While he collected beats from some familiar collaborators (such as David Grants, Optiks, ALXNDRBRWN, Klutch, and others), the lyrical content takes a different path than his previous works. Self-proclaimed as his most personal album to date, this 13-track album (14, if you include the bonus track “Pine Box“) finds him shedding all concepts, to share and expose his history, dark thoughts, and a lot of deeply-rooted feelings. It’s unexpected, yet unexpectedly amazing to sit back and get a glimpse at this other side of Kap Kallous.

There are a handful of vocal features from Dude Tunes (which you’ve heard them together on “Paper Cuts“, from the last album), Martin Salazar, Lia Mack, and Jade Lawhon, as well as Wrekonize and Luckyiam on the bonus cut. As usual, I spent a lot of time listening to this album, both as a fan and a reviewer, to fully digest it and interpret each song in length. Keep reading, if you’re interested. Otherwise, check the rating, click the reader rating bar to leave your own, and then scroll to the bottom to find the Bandcamp player and purchase links.

Zavala – “Purples”

If you follow Chicago-based producer Zavala (@zavalabeats) on social media, particularly his Soundcloud, you’d see that he’s been pushing out new songs. I believe that this is to get us ready for his forthcoming album, which he’s talked about on Instagram, saying “New EP set for Late October on Fake Four. News coming soon.

Since the last one dropped, he put out a brand new beat a couple of days ago, called “Purples”. It’s a fun electronic jam with danceable drum rhythms, warped vocals, slinky synths, and some airy, sci-fi-like percussion sprinkled throughout. It’s a groovy, feel good beat that will make you move around. I like it. Give it a listen, then go download it from Soundcloud.

Vel The Wonder – “Stella Rose” video

From Vel The Wonder‘s (@velthewonder) debut album, titled Laced With Pearls, released early last year, she recently dropped a music video for “Stella Rose”. Produced by Eskupe, we hear Vel rapping about hip hop being the life that runs through one’s veins, over a jazzy boom bap beat. In the music video, we see just that–the Los Angeles-based rapper kicking it with her friends, and they’re all participating in the four original elements. Directed by LeftRightCreations, watch the video below.

Deuce Eclipse & J.Lately – “Caught Up”

At the end of this month, Bay Area emcees Deuce Eclipse and J.Lately will be releasing a collaborative album, called The Setup. Pretty big fan of J.Lately and new to Deuce, and I’m loving this first single from them so much!

Produced by Jamie Way, “Caught Up” fumbles over warm bass chords, slapping boom bap drums, and largely driven by a familiar 90’s RnB vocal sample, and I rock with it big time. The beat is what pulled me in, in the first place. Then came the guys. J.Lately tells a story in the first verse, about how he got caught up between two women and how it all fell apart. Stepping into the second verse, Deuce Eclipse raps about learning from mistakes and getting back up from those bad situations.

Halfmanhalf – “Doses” (ft Cory Kendrix & Brill)

It’s been a long time since Halfmanhalf (@halfmanhalf) graced the pages of CrayonBeats. Today, he dropped a brand new single, called “Doses”. The last time we heard any music from him was in 2011, when he released his debut solo album, titled Glow. Then, throughout the years, he dropped a video, a single, and a couple features here and there. I interviewed him in our first magazine issue in 2013, where he talked about his debut album, and touched a little bit on the album that would follow. He said it’d be, “a little more grimy than Glow, but it won’t disappoint the fans of my first album.” While I’m not sure if this new single is going to be on that same album he spoke of, it does fit in with being grimy.

DJ Low Cut – “2 Chains” (ft Akin Yai)

DJ Low Cut has a song with Akin Yai, called “2 Chains”, that was featured on the 7th Banzai Lab compilation earlier this month. DJ Low Cut created a boom bap, piano-driven beat that has a fun little melody, and it sounds like it could be a hip hop theme song to a children’s game or sing-a-long educational song. The latter suits Akin Yai‘s deep lyrical content of this song, which is juxtaposed with a playful, lighthearted delivery. “Grab your kids, grab your children, here’s a story,” begins Akin Yai, as he raps about two perspectives of chains–the chains that restrained humans in the transatlantic slave ships and the infatuation with chains in hip hop.

Heresy – “Da Call Out” video

I loooove an all-female hip hop group, especially when it consists of dope emcees. Heresy is a 4-person group made up of Monie Love, Dominique Larue, Carolina Dirty, and MyVerse. Although I haven’t heard of the latter two, they certainly made their presence known on this first single, along with Monie and Dominique!

Coming from North Carolina, Ohio, and Florida, these four emcees jump on “Da Call Out” with fiery verses, aggressive flows, and something to say. Over a soulful boom bap beat, produced by Mista Lawnge of Black Sheep, they lace lyrics that promote self-respect, unity, love, and womanhood, while protesting police brutality, violence, and hate. Great talent is represented here. I don’t know about you, but I’m incredible excited about this EP. If you’re not, we might have a problem.

maticulous – “Bet Your Life” (ft Masta Ace & Blu)

New York-based producer maticulous (@maticulous) is scheduled to release his self-titled, full-length album tomorrow. “Bet Your Life” is its most recent single, and it finds Masta Ace and Blu on a song together (for the first time). With hard-hitting, boom bap drums, and brief moments of a chopped, bluesy guitar and a jazzy, dancing piano, the two emcees spit confident verses about the quality of life in the rap game and the need for something more that forces people to risk it all to win big. It’s a short, 2-minute song, which has me wanting more (and repeatedly hitting that play button), but it’s real fresh as is, too. Cuts by DJ Skizz. Give it a listen now, and look out for that maticulous album.

Ciphurphace – “Elbow Space”

Last month, New Jersey-based emcee Ciphurphace (@ciphurphace) released a single from his forthcoming EP, titled In Phaced God We Trust. Produced by erIC YOUng, “Elbow Space” finds Ciphurphace spitting boastful raps that are fueled by fun, pop culture-laden wordplay and a cool delivery, all over a bass-thumping, synth-bouncing, vinyl-scratching beat. Dope track, so be sure to listen to it below and buy it at most digital outlets (Bandcamp link listed at the bottom). Also, you’re welcome to watch the song’s official lyric video.

F. Virtue – “Orange Juice” video

Last week, New York-based rapper F. Virtue (@famelessvirtue) dropped a music video for the song “Orange Juice”, from his latest album, titled A Single Green Light. This self-produced song moves to an uptempo house beat, while F. Virtue raps about other people who were once true and comfortable with expressing themselves in the art/music scene, but after being in the NYC mix for awhile, have eventually succumbed to doing what’s cool, acceptable, and name-dropping to get recognition. It’s something that F. Virtue says can happen when you’re in the big apple, trying to make a name for yourself.