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Monsieur Grandin – “The Hunt” (ft Nell Mess) video

As of today, French producer Monsieur Grandin (@mr_grandin) is on my radar. I clicked play on his newly released music video, for a song called “The Hunt”, and I was into it right off the bat. A sinister synth-heavy, drum-and-bass beat bellowed out from my speakers, while I was visually intrigued by a flashing cult-like symbol, as a group of black-caped, mask-wearing men were being lead by a wolf leader, through an open field where an innocent woman sat as a captured victim. Singer Nell Mess hauntingly sings about being a woman whose own power and courage is being stripped away by a monster (“My courage is gone // It jumped in a hole, deep in the forest // My courage is gone // Eaten by a monster, which could never be fed“). There’s a sudden break in the beat that I really enjoy, and it’s when I hear the occasional bold horn blows over marching snares, because it serves as a pivotal point in the video and adds to the buildup of the beat’s story.

Jake Palumbo – “Tuffalupagus” (ft C-Zar Van Gogh) video

New York-based emcee, producer, recording engineer at SpaceLAB Recordings, and man of many hats Jake Palumbo dropped a brand new song and music video today, for a song called “Tuffalupagus”. The song title is a slang term by Jake that mashes the word “Tuff” (meaning tough, used as a complimentary adjective to describe someone/something cool), with the big, furry muppet Snuffleupagus (well, I think so, anyway), which forms the creative term Tuffalupagus! Hashtag that isht.

Rey Resurreccion – “Lioness (remix)”

Rey Resurreccion (@ReyResurreccion) dropped a remix of his “Lioness” song last week. The original was released 2011, when we heard him rapping over an easy-going beat that was horn-driven with dusty drums. Taking that same minimalist approach, we hear him rapping a verse over a delicate piano playing and soothing strings. Listen to it below, and feel free to download it on his Soundcloud page. He drops a new video sometime today, too, so look out for that.

Soul Khan – “Soulstice V”

New York emcee Soul Khan (@soulkhan) dropped “Soulstice V” a couple of days ago, and you should hear it. Penned with brutal honesty and emotional pain, Soul Khan raps with an intricate flow about depression and suicide, while coming from a real place. It’s moving in a powerful, spine-chilling way, because his lyrics moves through the gloomy motions of life, packed with a lot of serious words, but he eventually comes out on top at the end. It’s so, so good. The beat is by Julia Kent (it’s called “Intent” and it’s from her Character album, released in 2013). Listen to the song below, download for free, and share it with your friends.

Napoleon Da Legend – “Choices”

Napoleon Da Legend (@teamndl) dropped a new track from his forthcoming album Propaganda, called “Choices”. Over a hard-hitting beat produced by Boogie Blind, Napoleon raps about the importance of every day choices and final decisions, whether good or bad, and how they can affect your life. Listen to the song below and then download for free over at Soundcloud.

maticulous – “The Journey” (ft Beedie)

Straight from maticulous‘ (@maticulous21) self-titled album, he’s putting focus on the song “The Journey”. Over a smooth, head-nodding beat made up of throbbing drums, snapping percussion, and the melancholy-sounding hum of a rock guitar, Pittsburgh emcee Beedie raps about aiming for your dreams and making the most of your life, pushing through the roadblocks you may face. Cuts by DJ Brace. Listen to the song below, and make sure you check out the rest of the New York producer’s album (and if tapes are your thing, he has some limited edition gold cassettes).

Chic Gamine – “Light A Match” video

With a 5-year gap between studio albums, Chic Gamine (@chicgamine) are releasing their third album on October 23rd, called Light A Match. The last I heard from them was when I interviewed the group in 2013, who have since said goodbye to founding member Ariane Jean, and in came multi-instrumentalist Benoit Morier (pictured in white in the photo above). Pushing an evolved, more pumped-up sound, the group released their title track today and matched it with a music video, too.

Paul Rey – Good as Hell

It’s been a minute since I’ve been compelled to post but I came across Paul Rey (@iAmPaulRey) tonight as I was getting some reviews in on Slice The Pie, and immediately wanted to tell you guys about his song Good as Hell. I legit felt GOOD AS HELL listening to it! Right from jump street, you can hear his mentor Akon influencing his style, but that’s not to say his own voice doesn’t shine through.  Paul’s got quite the soulful vocal tone and on top of the Afro-pop arrangement, it’s a great combination.

Watch the video below:

Graves 33 & Diogenes – “Life On Other Planets” album

Emcee Graves 33 (@graves33) linked with producer Diogenes to release a brand new album, on August 18th, called Life On Other Planets. The 7-track album bumps heavily with grungy, head-nodding drums, eerie samples, light strings and sparse electronics, while Graves 33 will capture your attention with his hypnotic flow and lyricism. Through creative songwriting, he delivers social commentary masked by extraterrestrial metaphors, intriguing wordplay, and complex storytelling that spans between dark thoughts and uplifting words. It’s a really dope album, and my favorite/most-played tracks include “Under A Microscope”, “We Elope”, “You Always Knew”, and “Low Tide.