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Elliphant – “Love Me Badder” (ROOM8 remix)

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I heard this song today and thought that it fit really well with the cloudy weather outside. Los Angeles-based producer duo ROOM8 remixed Swedish electronic-pop singer-songwriter Elliphant‘s “Love Me Badder”, and it’s one of those deeply emotional, love-driven anthems that you can’t get out of your head after you hear it. I wasn’t aware of Elliphant until now, so I had to go listen to the original song (see the music video). While I really like her song as is, I find myself listening to this remixed version a lot more.

Two Weeks Notice – “Two Weeks Notice” album

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North Carolina-based emcees Tribe One and Mikal kHill joined creative forces to become Two Weeks Notice. This hip hop duo booked a tour with only two weeks advance notice, and they also made an entire 10-track album in a single week. Talk about ballsy… or, well, incredibly productive. The self-titled album is packed with head-nodding beats and easy-to-follow storytelling. Their subject matter documents their respective journey through life; from how they were raised and being young kids who were bullied, being dads and socially awkward at parties, to the extreme sacrifices made every day and the sad downsides to being the dream-chasing, music-making men that they are today. There are also a couple of songs (“Ashes Will Never Sing Songs of Fire” and “Body & Soul”) that stand-out for being darkly-themed, with one about death and destruction, and the other acts as a haunting children’s lullaby that warns them of the evil lurking. Their lyricism is packed with joy and pain, humorous lines, witty analogies, intricate rhymes, relatable content, some memorable moments, and, well, it’s just really good music all around.

A Yawn Worth Yelling – “Start Somewhere” & “Lonely Prisoner”

(@ayawnworthyell #indiepop)

I like music that reminds me of my past, and that’s what A Yawn Worth Yelling‘s music does for me. They are an indie pop band from San Jose, California, whose music makes me think back to my teenager years, when I was listening to pop/pop-punk bands like Hellogoodbye, The Starting Line, The Rocket Summer, New Found Glory, and The All-American Rejects (to name a few). So, when I heard the music that I’m sharing today, I felt in familiar, comfortable territory. I like it.

Besatree: Halfway feat Kid Presentable!!!

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Released this passed Labor Day, Besatree’s new song Halfway (featuring Kid Presentable!!! ) has the two wondering aloud about whether or not they’ve got a ways to go or if they already hit their pinnacle in their respective journeys. I feel like this is a question thought of by our generation as a whole, so this song is right on time. I was just reading not too long ago about how our generation is collectively experiencing “performance anxiety” because we’ve been conditioned to believe we’re extraordinary and should attain glory by the time we’re 21. I don’t know about you, but the older I get, the more I’m realizing that nobody knows what they’re doing and we’re all just flying by the seat of our pants. Comfort within the chaos, I guess. Anyway, take a listen below.

J.Lately – “Food With Friends” ep. 1

To promote his forthcoming album, Let’s Just Be Friends, Bay Area emcee J.Lately has begun a video mini-series called “Food With Friends”. Each weekly episode will have a special guest, and they are all people who will be on his album. Before taking the viewer into his house, he briefly talked about his path of spending his money wisely and eating healthier, which can prove to be a hard task for a busy person, especially an artist/musician on tour.

Rude Paper: New Rasta Virus Feat. Double K [VIDEO]

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South Korean Reggae/Dancehall collaborative Rude Paper is back with new music! Their latest track, New Rasta Virus (feat Double K), is so addictive and reminds me of why I became a fan of theirs in the first place. Mixing elements of reggae, dubstep, hip hop, rock and electronica, the guys of Rude Paper have created for themselves a signature sound, accentuated by Koonta’s powerful lyrics and vocals. I absolutely love these guys and the subtle evolution of their sound is, in my opinion, a marker of their imminent longevity and status as innovators in S. Korea’s music scene.

Guillaume Lorentz: Blood On The Leaves

| #choreography | #KanyeWest | @LorentzOfficiel |

It’s been about two months since French choreographer Guillaume Lorentz uploaded a new routine to his channel, and even longer since I’ve had the time to watch his super fun vids. For his “return” to youtube, he’s uploaded a September Exclusive: a routine set to Kanye West’s Blood On The Leaves. I’ve already watched it about 5 times. #ItsSoGood!

Ikabod Bum: Plexi-Bip

 | #NewMusic | @Ikabod_Bum |

Ikabod Bum has a new track out for your audio enjoyment titled Plexi-Bip. This mellow instrumental incorporates a lot of different sound and genre elements from old school kicks and snares to chamber organs. The track is featured on “New World Order,” a joint compilation album by Mexico-based music platforms PIRâ–².MD (Piramd) and Futurable, two entities devoted to promoting and enriching Beat Culture across genres. Listen to Ikabod’s Plexi-Bip below and while you’re at it, make sure to listen/download our EAST x WEST compilation album which features Ikabod on the WEST half.

PENTATONIX – Can’t Sleep Love [VIDEO]

#newmusic | @ptxofficial

Everything is Pentatonix and nothing hurts. This morning the insanely talented group released the first single (and video) from their upcoming self-titled album, out October 16th. Can’t Sleep Love is one of 13 brand new original tracks, marking a milestone in the band’s career as they’ve become known for their innovative mashups and covers that more often than not sound better than the originals. No shade, but shade.

Curta – REPLICA [Album]

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Dubbing their style as “slacker rap,”  Denver based duo Curta released their full-length album REPLICA on August 28th. The trippy album features what I can only guess to be their signature style of abstract and quirky beats under intensely delivered lyrics varying in subject matter, almost abruptly. It’s almost as if the fellas set their unfiltered stream of consciousness to music almost not even caring if their bars rhyme, or even if they’re bars at all; this album is definitely not for anyone with a rigid concept of what Hip Hop is or isn’t. That being said, if you’re into the abstract then listen to the album below and follow the links to find out more about Curta.

Tunde Olaniran – “KYBM” video

From Tunde Olaniran‘s (@tundeolaniran) debut album Transgressor, released in early August, he dropped a music video for his song “KYBM“. Through fierce singing and a fast, war-ready rapping, the Michigan-based singer/producer sings empowering lyrics that act as a call-to-arms for people to unite and keep fighting for social and political change, in an energetic dance-pop song that you can’t help but dancing along to (“Keep that truth spilling, keep your body moving“). The way he bounces from sweet falsettos to lowered vocals, and switches rhythms in the song structuring, is really fun, impressive, and striking.