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J.Lately – “Food With Friends” ep. 2

J.Lately (@justlately) is back with another episode in his “Food With Friends” mini-series, but this time he’s making food for a singer named Della, whose voice can be heard on about half of the tracks on J.Lately‘s forthcoming album, called Let’s Just Be Friends.

In this second episode, he puts together a cheap and easy version of pho for only $3. His “Faux Pho” meal includes a package (or two) of ramen, sliced up chicken sausage, chopped mushrooms, a raw egg, and sauteed spinach, with soy sauce and sriracha for additional spice. While eating, Della talks about weak pick up lines, the most annoying part about working with J.Lately, and more.

Raquel Rodriguez – “Better Days” video

Raquel Rodriguez (@rqlrod) dropped a brand new soulful song and music video today, called “Better Days”. Over a head-nodding beat driven by deep bass strings and snare drums, which carries an upbeat melody of light horns, finger snaps, and playful keys, Raquel reflects on an old relationship, while saying goodbye to heartbreak and hello to freedom and better days. It’s been awhile since I’ve heard anything new from this talented singer (her Miss Me album came out in 2013), so I’m happy to see some new material. Watch the music video below, directed by Giovanni Solis. If you’re feeling the song, go ahead and download it for $1 at Bandcamp.

J.Lately – “Can’t Go For That” (ft Von Pea & Bambu)

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“Can’t Go For That” is the first single from J.Lately‘s forthcoming album, titled Let’s Just Be Friends. Over Oops‘ head-nodding, spunky beat, J.Lately, Von Pea, and Bambu talk about the things that they see happening and are against. For example, J.Lately isn’t down with those who are disrespectful towards women who won’t send them nudes, those that share too much about their relationship issues on social media, and petty people; Von Pea can’t stand being around miserable people and those that fight over dumb stuff; and Bambu isn’t cool with ignorant people, phony rappers, and those that overstay their welcome. Listen to the song below, then go download it for free over at Soundcloud.

Rey Resurreccion – “Would You” video

Earlier this month, Rey Resurreccion (@reyresurreccion) dropped a brand new music video, called “Would You”. The song was produced by J.Sana, and we hear Rey Res with his relaxed delivery, rapping about a good woman and being in love. It’s a real sweet song. The video was shot by Kyle Blas, in Hawaii, with import model Lauren Lala. Check it out below.

Also, Rey is currently working on an EP called Sweet Tooth Tony, produced by both J.Sana and Rey, which will be dropping sometime this Fall as a free digital download. Stay tuned for that.

April Blue: Signs

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From their upcoming album Pop Girls Etc (Feb. 2016), April Blue‘s new single “Signs” is an upbeat track which mixes Funk, Pop, Rock and RnB to create an instantly catchy jam that’s a little left of the band’s previous acoustic-soul influenced sound. With their new vibe being geared to a much broader spectrum, the original members of April Blue (Ozz & Ian) have addedd members, Jazzy Drums and Sarah Payne, completing the lineup of their now fully electric band. Check out their single and video below (which they wrote, produced, recorded and directed in true indie DIY or DIE fashion).

Julian Nagano : INSTARGRAM

#BeatJackRemix | @juliannagano | @YALLAFAMILY

Julian Nagano recently released his remix of INSTARGRAM, originally by Wez from YALLA FAMILY. The trap-inspired ode to everyone’s favorite social media site is addictive and as you guys know, we love whenever Julian jacks a beat for his remixes. This song is pretty self-explanatory so even if you don’t understand Japanese, you can still follow along and appreciate. One thing I will say is that I kinda wish this would become viral with several different people pulling out remixes in many different languages!

Abnormal. – Narcissistic Euphony

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Released on September 7th,  “Narcissistic Euphony” is the latest EP from St Louis,Missouri-based electro producer Abnormal. Born Daniel Sanders, Abnormal. cites this EP as a turning point– inspired by artist like Flying Lotus and J Dilla— he committed himself to producing music he truly enjoyed versus putting out what was expected or what was on trend. What resulted is an EP of sparkling beats that put you in a relaxed, dreamy mood. Listen below.

Album Review: Sterio – “Transmissions” EP

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Last night, I just wanted to listen to music and zone out. I didn’t want to have to put on my journalist hat and do work (albeit work that I greatly enjoy). I just wanted to listen to music, ok!? However, while listening to Sterio‘s Transmissions EP, I felt compelled to jot down my thoughts and feelings, because something magical was happening. This 5-track EP served as the Cologne-based producer’s debut EP, released back in October 7th, 2014, via Jakarta Records.

Jojee – “Unravel Me”

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I shared Jojee‘s second single yesterday, so I could follow that with her latest single today. Jojee’s alluring voice unravels over a mellow rhythm of bass-thumping drums and sudden horn blows, while she sings a hypnotic, sexy slow jam about the freeing feeling of love and being drawn to another person (“I can feel the way you touch me lately // You know that you can make me your lady // I’ll come back for you // Time after time // Take me close; I’m not up to battle // What we have made has become a little fragile“). Once again, for a third time, this one was produced by Mickey Valen.

Jojee – “Think of Anything”

Last month, NYC-based pop singer Jojee dropped her second original song, called “Think of Anything”. The song moves to a slow-burning piano, with some fast-paced snares dropping in throughout, along with slowed vocals that stretch out in the hook. It’s the kind of tune that you can just relax to and let your mind wander, while you hear Jojee’s sweet, chilling voice singing about exploring a budding relationship and being open to love. It’s a pretty song. Produced by Mickey Valen. Stream the song below and download it for free.