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Bless DJ Vadim

Cancer is scary, as are many other diseases. I have a friend who was diagnosed with cancer when she was a kid, and she is living a great, healthy life at 22 years old. She does not let that stop her or control anything that she tries to accomplish. :] Unfortunately, I have also experienced what it’s like to lose someone to cancer. I lost my grandmother (on my Dad’s side) to breast cancer in 1996 – I was just 10. She had her family and friends in her life, staying strong and positive for her… especially when she couldn’t. She was such a fighter though. It’s incredible how a person will fight such a battle ten times harder… because of all the love and support that they have from others.

With that said… I felt the need to share that DJ Vadim (DJ / Producer & 1/3 of One Self) was recently diagnosed with cancerocular melanoma / chorodial melanoma. It saddens me. I ask that you channel all your positivity and strong energy in his direction. Although he is already a strong individual, it would mean a great deal for people worldwide to come together and say a prayer for him. Keep him in your thoughts. Light a candle. Share your love mentally / spiritually. Even if you don’t know who he is, it doesn’t take much time to add a person’s name into your prayers. Anything helps. He is in the hospital today and going through a rough operation. The power of collective, positive vibes will help elevate Vadim into great recovery… and then some. So spread your light in his direction to help clear his path.

We are more powerful than you think…

Yarah Bravo (female emcee & 1/3 of One Self) is doing all that she can to push for Vadim during this challenge in his life. While doing so, she’s also encouraging others to bless him too. A proactive boomerang worldwide. I have not talked with Vadim personally, but I have with Yarah. Her views on life, her strive to reach her dreams, and positivity are so inspirational. He is so lucky to have such a beautiful person like her to be there for him 100% – getting people in each country wishing him the best of luck and so forth. I believe that he will come out of this stronger than before, and my heart goes out to him, his family and Yarah to get through this situation.


I leave you this beat and video:

To read more and leave some love, prayers, and positive light…
please visit Yarah’s blog.

Written By: Tiffany B.

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    October 7, 20085:25 pm

    I haven’t really kept up with her in the past year (actually, I haven’t kept up with a LOT of underground rap artists), but I have some Yarah Bravo songs that were produced by DJ Vadim… She’s one of my top 3 favorite female emcees and DJ Vadim is dope on the beats!

    I have a good feeling that he’s gonna kick cancer in the ass and continue to make that hot shit for the real Hip-Hop fans – after all, you can’t keep a good man down!

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