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Album Review: B.O.O.K.S. One – “TIME and MIND” EP

San Jose-based producer B.O.O.K.S. One dropped his 5-track beat EP, titled TIME and MIND, on May 22nd. Like he previously stated, this project showcases the many sides and versatility in his music. While they do show off his many sides and pulls from a few styles, they all have one common theme… and that’s a spacy, science fiction vibe. I’m all for that.

Kicking off the EP is “Alchemy“, a spacy-electronic beat with chunky, disjointed drums, shakers, and sci-fi synths and percussion. “Jupiter Logic” follows the same minimal galactic wave with a variety of sci-fi noises, but this time it rides heavy on thick, neck-breaking basslines and hard-hitting snares. We’re already familiar with “Yeah Yeah Yeah“, where he brought out that grimy hip hop flare, with some chunkier drums, echoing claps, twisting synth lines, and the stand-out “yeah”‘s that you can’t help but nod your head to.

Fourth up is “Hard To Burn“, and daaaaayuuuum… this one bangs in such a dope way. You’re immediately hypnotized by a Middle Eastern music sample that’s looped the entire way, and it’s surrounded by clanking, galloping percussion, a few guitar notes that peek in from around the corners, big slapping snares, loud and scratchy shakers, and some aggressive synths. “Death of a Star” is the final beat, and it sounds as if you’re witnessing the death of a star from inside a spaceship, and everything is malfunctioning. Emergency lights, shooting lasers, frantically pushing buttons, sparks are flying, electrical power is shutting down, etc. This is it. This beat’s synth-driven spacecraft is the final goodbye, and I love it. (A funny little note: one of the effects sounds like a “whoo”-ing owl, and maybe that’s why it’s malfunctioning… because who sends an owl into space? Hahaha, I really like this beat, though.)

While I think the last two beats are the most fun to listen to, the whole EP is golden. Stream TIME and MIND below. Then, you can name your price on the EP–grab it for free, or show some monetary support. The choice is yours.


Written By: Tiffany B.

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