Two Tiffanys celebrating what they love by giving it a stage and using their voices to spread the word.


Fletcher – “Live Young, Die Free”

Pop singer Fletcher‘s latest song is called “Live Young, Die Free”, and it’s another uplifting single. Over an energetic, dance floor-ready beat that’s booming with percussion, this catchy rebellious tune is about living life without any regrets, and not being afraid of taking risks and making new opportunities for yourself. Stream the song and look out for it on her debut EP due out early next year.

Fletcher – “War Paint” video

I didn’t know pop singer Fletcher released a music video for her anthemic single “War Paint” back in July, so here I am sharing it with you now. Directed by Garen Barsegian, a group of contemporary dancers dance with great strength and confidence, in the dark, with colorful bursts of powder paint and glitter, while Fletcher’s fierce voice sings the chant-along song about fighting for what you believe in. Check it out, and then listen to a remix of the song by Vancouver production duo Young Bombs.

Credit: Edwina Hay

Tour Necessities Q&A: Uncommon Nasa on A Few Days to Churn tour

After talking with Brzowski about this tour in my previous Tour Necessities Q&A (read here), I knew that I had to shoot some questions about it over to New York-native emcee (and man of many other hats) Uncommon Nasa. If you’ve been around CrayonBeats for awhile, you would know that he’s no stranger to our site either (although, I’m a bit behind on writing about a couple of his projects–I’ll catch up, I swear!). Since the last time that I covered him, he released two projects that you should listen to: New York Telephone, which released in August 2014, and Halfway, which released October 2015.

After you read this Q&A, I highly advise that you go through his discography. Now, let’s get into this interview. Before he goes on this short run with Brzo, he’ll be throwing down at Yule Prog’s 9th annual event on December 3rd (peep the FB event), so I started this Q&A by talking about that first. Then, we jump right into all CHURN tour stuff, so give it a read.

Savages – “Fuckers” video

Savages are a London-based, 4-piece rock band made up of Jehnny Beth (singer), Gemma Thompson (guitar), Ayse Hassan (bass) and Fay Milton (drums), and their genre classification on Facebook is “loud, quite loud.” These ladies released their debut album, titled Silence Yourself, in 2013, via Beth’s label Pop Noire and Matador Records; and they are scheduled to release their sophomore album, Adore Life, on January 22nd, 2016, via the same labels.

Astrid S – “Hyde” live acoustic video

Shortly after posting up Astrid’s music video for “Hyde“, I came across this exquisite acoustic rendition and fell in love. Good laaaawd! Her goosebumps-inducing voice soars through the high, tender notes and mid-range notes so effortlessly, and her melodies are beautiful, over the three live cellos playing behind her. No words can explain the melancholic beauty of this version and her voice. Watch it now.

Astrid S – “Hyde” video

Astrid Smeplass, known today as Astrid S, is a Norwegian pop singer and songwriter whose musical journey began at an early age when she learned piano at 6-years-old and began writing songs as a young teenager. She got noticed when she was 16-years-old, having auditioned in the Norwegian version of American Idol, in 2013, and then made it through to fifth place (see all of her performances in this 20-minute video). Now at 19-years-old, she has dropped three singles (“Shattered” and “2AM” released in 2013 and 2014, respectively); she won “Best Norwegian Act” in the MTV Europe Music Awards this year; and she has a brand new single (“Hyde”, which I’m sharing today) that released late October and its accompanying video has racked up nearly 90K views since its release on November 5th.

Manila Killa & Kidswaste – “Can’t Do Without You” (Caribou cover)

Whenever I hear a remix or cover of a song, especially if it’s a song I’ve never heard of, I have to go find the original to hear to compare the two–because, no matter what, you’re always going to compare the songs and see which one is better. Is the remix/cover going to be better? Will it pale in comparison to the original? You know how it goes.

DOROTHY – “Raise Hell” video

My first introduction to the band DOROTHY was two weeks ago, when I saw a secret preview of this music video and then shared their newest single “Raise Hell” (and some of their other songs) in one of our SOUNDCHECK posts. Today, the Los Angeles rock group dropped the song’s music video, just in time for Thanksgiving.

In the video, the band shows up to a family’s house for Thanksgiving, only to find that their seating is at the kid’s table. Pissed with the lack of respect from a stuck-up family, the band raises a little hell by flipping the table, starting a food fight, and doing a bad-ass performance of the bluesy-rock song. Sometimes you gotta start a riot to create a little fun. Check it out.

Foreign Air – “Free Animal”

Having crossed paths numerous times over the years while in different projects, Jacob Michael and Jesse Clasen recently found themselves looking for a new creative outlet when they decided to form the indie rock band Foreign Air. With their debut EP slated to release in February 2016, the duo released its first single a week ago.

Donna Missal – “Hotline Bling” (Drake cover)

After Drake‘s “Hotline Bling” song/video came out, the internet flooded with memes, jokes, and parodies. Then there are song covers, of course, which I haven’t really heard (not that there aren’t a ton, but I didn’t go out searching for them, nor were any sent to me -emoji praise hands here-). I’m not a big fan of Drake to begin with, so I welcome covers of his songs sometimes and, today, I heard one that I liked!

Tour Necessities Q&A: Brzowski on A Few Days to Churn tour

It’s been a little while since I talked with someone for my Tour Necessities Q&A series, so I decided to hit up my friend and Maine-based hip hop artist Brzowski. He is almost done with his solo “Series of the Witch” tour, which has taken him through Texas, Tennessee, Maine, Vermont, and Rhode Island, with his final show is in New Hampshire on December 3rd, at an undisclosed location. After that, he will be heading out on a special 5-day tour with Uncommon Nasa next month, and they will be cruising through 5 different cities: Washington, Baltimore, Charlotte, Charleston, and Philadelphia. So, I did a Q&A with him a little bit about this past tour and the one he’s about to be on, so check it out below and make sure you see him perform when he’s in your city.