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Soulcat E-Phife – “All My Life” / “Fly With Me” (ft Marie)

Vienna-based rapper Soulcat E-Phife dropped a brand new track last week, called “All My Life”. Over a breezy, jazzy boom bap cut, Soulcat spits introspective raps that serve as an introduction to her dark world. The song is coupled with another song, called “Fly With Me”, but it’s more upbeat and hopeful. Both feature a vocalist named Marie, singing a soulful hook, and both were also produced by Phil Chronics. Give them a listen below, and download for free (or name your price).

Rey Resurreccion – “Leaving On A Jetplane” video

Last month, San Jose-based rapper Rey Resurreccion dropped a music video for a song, called “Leaving On A Jetplane”, from his forthcoming album. Co-produced by Rey Res and J.Sana, Rey approaches the song like it’s do-or-die, with a good energy, some social commentary on the media’s trickery and California’s drought, a promise that he’s got something fresh coming, and a catchy hook that you’re going to sing along to. The music video is cool, too, with a black-and-white color treatment and a bunch of cool animation effects. Directed and animated by Ratha Nou, and shot by Daniel Ortiz. Check it out, and look out for Sweet Tooth Tony soon.

Barrie Rose – “1 Plus 1”

Electro-pop singer Barrie Rose came out with a dreamy and hopeful break-up song, called “1 plus 1”. It has a sweet sentiment with an optimistic “we’ll still be friends” feeling, except it sounds like she really means it post-breakup (because, shoot, I’ve heard that half-hearted “we’ll still be friends” comment after being broken up with, and it never held true). Listen to her pretty pop voice dragging across hazy electronic production, by Adam Samuel Goldman, as she sings: “One plus one, it might sound easy // But it’s never quite like that // Even if we never speak // I’ll always have your back // One plus one, it might sound simple // But it’s never what it seems // Even if our lives are changing // We meet up in our dreams.

Bishop – “Wild Horses”

New to the scene is Los Angeles-based singer Bishop, who came out with a song called “Wild Horses” a few months ago, and it’s getting a lot of play (over 172K listens on Soundcloud to date). In it, we hear the delicacy of her sultry pop voice singing about struggling with one’s own demons and love, alongside an acoustic guitar, that soon builds with a dark, thumping electronic beat. Head-nodding drums, jittery hi-hats, monstrous horn blows, and bubbly percussion… think pop meets trip-hop. I’ve had this song on repeat for–no lie–over an hour. Listen!

Lucaléy – “Dance to the Drum of Our Hearts”

You can’t go wrong with fun, dance-ready songs about being true to yourself, and that’s exactly what we have here with Danish electropop duo Lucaléy‘s debut single, called “Dance To The Drum Of Our Hearts”. It’s even the official theme song for Copenhagen Pride, which is pretty cool. Pumping up the beat with galloping drums and handclaps, harmonizing background vocals, atmospheric sounds, and a boost of bright horns towards the end, singer Ea Philippa Tange’s pop vocals sweep across the upbeat rhythm while singing about being following your deepest desires and being free from judgement. Listen below!

Lianne La Havas – “Green and Gold” video

Have you seen the music video for Lianne La Havas “Green and Gold” song? No? Well, you’re in luck. Looking through a broken mirror, trying to fit the pieces back together, she tells a story that reflects on her past as a young girl that grows up appreciating her Jamaican and Greek roots, while also dreaming about her bright future. It’s a beautiful video, directed by Ravi Dhar, and she looks as stunning as her warm soul voice sounds. Such beauty. Watch it below and check out the song on her full-length sophomore album Blood, which released mid-last year.

Sevdaliza – “One Armed Lullaby”

I heard this Sevdaliza song a couple of days ago, while going through Redbull’s 20 before 16 song series, and was captivated by the singer’s delicate and seductive R&B vocals that tip-toe alongside the ghostly, sensual Mucky-produced beat. “One Armed Lullaby” is a beautiful song with minimal, but poetic, lyrics that possess a bit of heartache (“Look at her eyes, look at her eyes // She’s tainted by gravity“) and acts as a quiet cry for an escape from that which holds her down. Listen to this new song of hers below, and then go listen to (or purchase) her latest EP, titled Children of Silk.

Special Education with Locksmith

(@SpecialSays @dalocksmith)
Last month, Special had California rapper Locksmith on her Special Education music game show. In this episode, he talks about the most fun song to make, his favorite word (well, in this case, phrase), which song he would perform at an old folks home, and that “Hardest Song Ever” was not only the hardest for him to write, but it’s also the song that he thinks really defines him. Watch it below, and be sure to check out some of her other episodes over here.

Special Education with Mystikal

(@SpecialSays @ItsMystikal)
Did you guys see the Special Education episode with Mystikal? That one was fun to watch, because I liked to see the surprised look on his face when she’d guess some songs that he didn’t expect her to know, and he seems like a fun dude to be with in a room. For the question about a song that defines him the most, he even changes his answer to her answer, saying that she knows him better than he knows himself (he says, “Wow, that’s better than my fuckin’ answer. Maaaan! That’s more me than this; she gets another point!”). You go, girl!

In this episode, Special battles it out with long-time rapper Mystikal (if you don’t know who he is or can’t think of any of his songs, you’ve been under a rock; even my mom knows a few of his songs). You’ll learn about what song was the most fun to make, why Mariah Carey was his favorite person to work with, working with Pharrell, the song he’d perform in a old folks home, and there’s also a little flashback story, where he talks about being in the studio with all of Wu-Tang and Master P when working on “Who Rock This“. Check it out below!

MadeGroceries – “That Yeah” (ft Ambre) video

James Dunn put me onto this song and music video, called “That Yeah”, by New Orleans rap group MadeGroceries. Formed by three guys that call themselves Oeaux Neal, Mauley Sincyr, and The Landlord, this TRXVISL-produced song finds the three rappers spitting verses about the good and the bad of their city, laced with social commentary on police brutality and boastful lyrics about being rap heroes, with vocalist Ambré singing that “yeah” throughout. Check the video below, directed by Writers Bloc, and then look out for their debut album.

ArchDuke – “Ama Be Happy” video

Now that I’ve shared the live performance version of ArchDuke‘s song “Ama Be Happy”, I’m going to share with you the actual music video for it. It released 4 months ago, but I just saw it today. The original song is a bit different from the live version, but it’s just as good (although, I’m not gonna lie, that live version is incredible). The production is a bit more mellow, with warm piano keys and gentle guitar strings in the forefront, setting the easy-going, feel-good tone, as Charity and Jacob do their smooth rap-singing in the uplifting verses and clap-driven chorus that I talked about in the other post. This music video was shot, edited, and directed by Domi V, and we see the guys having a really good time, feeling blessed to be alive, as they perform the song outside. Watch it below, and look out for more from these guys (because I’ll be posting a couple more things in these coming days).