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Dibiase – "Up The Joystick"

dibiase-upthejoystick No, not the wrestler. No, not that cat from ATL that you get on Google search when typing “DJ Dibiase” either. I’m talkin’ about that man from Watts, California. The 12-time beat battle champion, and runner-up in Los Angeles’ Red Bull Big Tune beat battle (2008). And for you, his 2008 “Up The Joystick” EP for download (we love free shit!). With 8-bit video game samples (Mario Bros., Castlevania, Mega Man, etc) intertwined with a hip hop vibe, this will excite the ears of any old school gamer and hip hop head alike. He also rounded up a couple of underground hip hop artists to spit over his beats: U-N-I, Amiri Dialect, Hardware, and a few others. I mean, I even have a portion of “Mario Galaxy” as my ringtone right now – it’s that good. And, the beginning of “Slugfest (No Biters Allowed)” will bring back those memories of blowing real hard into game cartridges… losing your breath tryin’ to get that shit to work. Maaaaan, enough talkin’. After the jump is a download link + tracklist. Get to it!

If you’ve already heard this gem, then props to you. But if you haven’t, you’re missin’ out on some head-nodding greatness.

Interview: DJ Bizkid

Meet hip hop turntablist, DJ Bizkid, from Berlin, Germany. He has been scratching vinyl since 1998. He has released a total of 15 projects (mixtapes, snippets, CDs)… and the number is still growing. He has featured on albums and tracks with Enough Names, Nomar Slevik, Id Obelus, Blame One, The Jazoburbs, Dumbfoundead, Elum, Factor, Kers, Robust, Scarub, and many, many more. Trust me when I say that dope sounds are coming out of Germany, and you’d be foolish not to check out the bizzy kid. Bizkid just got back from doing shows in Chicago with Robust and I was able to get him for an interview. Check it out after the jump!

Diz Gibran, "Soon You'll Understand"

diz-gibran Born Khalil Kinsey, but you’ll know him as Diz Gibran – emcee from Los Angeles, California. He’s the son of philanthropists and owners of one of the largest collections of artifacts tracing African-American history… Bernard and Shirley Kinsey. He was exposed to many different worlds. He was around all kinds of people, saw different ways people expressed themselves and made a living. That experience influenced him in many ways. Through him, he channeled his own form of creativity. He got into skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, graffiti, got involved with the Diamond Supply Company with friends, co-founded The Stevenson-Gibran Agency, and is now releasing albums as a hip hop artist. But, hip hop has been in his life since he was able to develop his own taste in music. He’s been emceeing since elementary school, so I’ve read. Now that you’ve “met Gibran“, in a large paragraph sort of way, I’m going to talk about his latest album.

MiKiX The Cat

mikix2 Meet the purple bandit, Mikix The Cat, straight from Paris, France. Or as he calls his city, Crapcity.

Heavy bass is the driving force, along with some dubstep and funky house sounds. It’s definitely music that makes you move wherever you are! Mikix is a new addition to the Trouble & Bass (Brooklyn-based) roster of DJs/producers. His new EP, “Movin Around” dropped on T&B and you can listen to the tracks on his myspace.

Alright, enough talkin. Make sure you peep the free downloads after the jump…

Interview: Wize Crack

With his debut release, Photo Album, Wize Crack is holding down hip hop in Newark, New Jersey. The emcee isn’t signed to any labels, so unless you’re friends on Myspace or have been to one of his shows, your ears probably haven’t been exposed to him. However, I advise that you check him out. He describes his style as “clever punch lines, humorous topics with a distinguish flow.” Which if you’ve heard “The Perfect Weekend” (music video posted at the end) single from Photo Album, you’d be nodding your head in agreement. Currently he’s working on releasing another album titled, Crack City, so keep your eyes open for that. This is my first artist interview, so I want to give a big thank you to Wize for allowing me to interview him til 3am his time. Hahah. Anyway, enough talkin’… let’s get straight into the interview.

Tiffology: What made you choose the name Wize Crack?

Wize Crack: It’s a smart remark. A clever comeback, and I thought that name fits well with my style… and I used to talk back in highschool. My mouth got me in a lot of trouble.

T: What did you want to be “when you grew up”? Or did you always know you wanted to be apart of music?

WC: When I was little, I used to want to be a wrestler in the WWF. I guess I was too skinny to do that. I always loved hip hop but I didn’t know I wanted to do that until I was a teen.


anjulie Anjulie isn’t new in the game, but she’s just barely getting recognized now. I was going through a magazine of mine, reading the album reviews, when I came across the review of Anjulie’s “Advance” (2009, released on Hear Music). She had 2.5 stars of 5. Her music was classified as pop/indie pop… and not to mention, she’s lovely. So I became interested in hearing some of her music. To Youtube I went!

SOUNDCHECK: Thunderheist

thunderheist Meet Montreal-based Producer Grahm Zilla and Toronto-based MC Isis, together they are Thunderheist (label: Big Dada). While they are both from Canada, they made music together before they even met. According to Wikipedia, it happened by accident. In 2005, Grahm sent Isis a mp3 track he was working on, by mistake, and she then recorded a rap over it. And now, here we are in 2009, and they put out their first self-titled album on March 31st. Thunderheist is a mixture of electro-rap, with a big splash of pop, crunk, dance, and lots of high energy. It’s not brand new, but who doesn’t like music that puts you in a good, happy mood? :]

Taste the (vodka) rainbow

Apparently there’s a new trend that involves a bag of Skittles and Vodka, by infusing them together. I didn’t get that memo. Did you? Look at those bottles though, isn’t the Skittle Vodka preeeeetty? Haha.

Yeah, so not too long ago, my friend was telling me that he tried out this Skittles Vodka tutorial. He passed me the link and I was totally digging how vibrant the candy turned the alcohol. Interesting concept too.

Puffy Is Poison pt 2

maronziovance1 Part dos! Back in July of last year, I made a Puffy Is Poison post. Get familiar, so I don’t have to repeat myself. Anyway, I was informed that there was a part two, so I had to get up on that.

Off Topic for a second: Isn’t he gorgeous? Haha. /OT.

After the jump, you’ll see part two of Maronzio Vance‘s Puffy rants… and then some.

New K-Os single "4 3 2 1"

k-os1 The conscious Canadian rapper, K-Os, releases his fourth studio album, Yes!, on March 31st, 2009. I didn’t even know he was dropping a new album, until I saw the video for “4 3 2 1” about a week ago. Haha. The video, song/lyrics, and beat are all on point though.

After the jump, you’ll find the single (youtube music video) from his new album. I’m just going to get straight to the point: posting the video. If you want to read a good review on the album, I suggest you go here.

Mother and son make an album together

elighjo2 I think it’s very sweet that Eligh and his mother, Jo, are making music together. Bridging hip hop and folk music together. And it’s good, too! Infact, it’s amazingly good.

Incase you’re not familiar, Eligh is part of the underground hip hop group, Living Legends. He’s been doing music for over 12 years as both an emcee and a producer. He has 10 solo albums and various compliation albums. Ahhh, I love Eligh (hahah). His mother, Jo, sang songs of struggle: civil rights, labor and peace movement songs. She’s led crowds in song at rallies attended Cesar Chavez, Angela Davis, Jesse Jackson, and various other activists. She has also appeared as a guest vocalists on a few Living Legends tracks.

MACHE x emmanueLabor 808s & Heartbreak

It's not a secret that KAWS teamed up with Kanye West for his "808's and Heartbreak" album artwork. In NYC, you can see a new billboard, located at 45th and...