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DJ Sleeper's 10 minute mix

djsleeper DJ Sleeper, a turntablist from Los Angeles, has this nice little mix that I thought I’d post for you all. Well, not little. It’s a 10 minute mix of 18 songs. I’ve never heard of the cat until today, but this mix was a nice little introduction for me to him. If that makes sense. I’m not gonna type up a breakdown on who he is and all of that, but if you’d like one read his about-me on his site.

Tracklist, mp3, and a video after the jump…

Nomar Slevik – “Welcome to Fuckland”

If you’ve been reading CrayonBeats, you’ve seen numerous mentions of Nomar Slevik. Not that long ago, I made a post about his “Welcome To Fuckland” 7″/CD package (dis.eased wrekkids) that I received. Go get it! Now I’m going to do a little review on it…

J1’s Starship 27

starshipcover Starship 27 is a collection of beats featuring artists like Dibia$e, Ras_G, Snowman Jack, Black Spade, devonwho, P.U.D.G.E., Dâm-Funk, House Shoes, and more. It was compiled by J1 aka The DEER.

I’ve been meaning to post this for awhile, but kind of forgot to. If you want it, download it after the jump.

Stainless Steele’s top friends are beat makers

I’ve been waiting for Stainless Steele to drop this gem for awhile and it’s finally here for listening pleasure. Stainless Steele‘s “My Top Friends Are Beat Makers” mixtape!

Over time, Stainless became friends with various beat makers through Myspace, and chose to have a handful of them on an album together. Online collaborations! Stainless spits over his friend’s beats – it’s 17 tracks deep, and 46 minutes in length. Released on Kowloon City 93 Records.

Common and Christopher Mintz-Plasse do "Training Day"

commonmclovin_150x150 Mean Magazine created a new series of online short films called Cinemash. This is where they allow celebrity talent to mash up/recreate their favorite scenes from classic movies.

I’m going to show you my favorites. The first video stars Common and Christopher Mintz-Plasse (yes, it’s McLovin!), and they recreate “Training Day”. Common plays Ethan Hawke and Christopher plays Denzel Washington. Hahhaha, this video is my favorite.

Watch the clip, and a few others, after the jump…

Interview: The Inscrypshun

Meet Inscrypshun, an emcee from Philly. Born as Kenneth Spence, to two Jamaican parents, when the golden-era of hip hop was shining. Music artists like Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, Curtis Mayfield, and Michael Jackson were introduced to him first by his parents. Those voices developed his love for poetry. Then in the late 80s, hip hop made its way into Scryp’s life when he was visiting NYC as a kid. You know how there’s that one song or that one album that opens your eyes to the hip hop world as a kid? Yeah? Well for Scryp, that song was “Parents Just Don’t Understand” by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince. After that record, it was history – his mind was set on being apart of the hip hop world.

“I heard the song back in ’89 or something like that and I thought he was the man because he was talking about his parents. I didn’t even care what he was talking about. I was just like “he’s rapping against the government” cause that’s how I looked at my parents.”

I became a friend of Scryp, and liking what he does, a few years ago. There was this really dope group on myspace, for all those who love underground hip hop. The group is still present, but I’m saying “was” because the first version of that group was when it was at its best (it was hacked and had to be recreated). It hasn’t been the same since. Anyway, that group is where I connected with some really great people… and now, I’m interviewing them. Check it out…

Wax and EOM "Relax"

Wax and EOM Wax and EOM have been talked about a few times here at CB (thanks Tiffny), so there’s no need for an introduction.

Now check out this short film (7:35), also music video, by Wax and EOM. It contains both “Relax” and part of “Money”. Directed by Casey Chan.

EyeASage "MRSHMLO" video

eyeasageEyeASage is a Filipina, female emcee from the Bay Area. She interned at Rolling Stone Magazine, after winning an MTV reality compitition… and since then has been doing her thing.

She dropped her first official music video today, from her upcoming album “Rocky Rivera“. Video directed by Mikhail Shapiro. Check it out at the vimeo link after the jump…

Light Graffiti by Julien Breton

Julien-Breton-HauterivesFranceSMALL Julien Breton, aka Kaalam, is a calligrapher from Nantes, France. He was inspired by arabic calligraphers (Hassan Massoudy, Salah Moussawy, Lassaâd Métoui, etc) and graffiti, and has become the self-taught artist that he is today. From that, he developed his own Latin-based alphabet. After discovering the whole light-graffiti, Julien found a new means of expressing himself and his work. He has changed his ink into light. And instead of just paper, any surface of space becomes his canvas. Light art is getting quite popular these days, and when I first saw these images by Julien, I was really impressed. I’ve never seen such beautiful, and precise, calligraphy in the form of light art. Amazing, creative expression. His work are both on pieces of paper and in photographs. And his light art is paired with beautiful landscapes, historical monuments, buildings, and so on. Places his light works have been in include, Egypt, Lybia, France, and more. Videos and pictures after the jump…

Tiffology reviews several Intalek mixtapes

Clever wordplay, the ability to paint a picture in your mind with his words, and his deep-thought lyrical skill… I bring you Intalek (also calls himself I.N.T. and Theo-nious Monk). Intalek is a 22-year-old emcee from Virginia Beach. He’s often compared to Lupe Fiasco by his listeners, in terms of his lyrical thought process. However, he doesn’t claim to be like anyone other than himself. He has 3 mixtapes out, for free download (after the jump!), that have been creating a buzz around the internet. I’ve never heard of the guy, until he recently emailed us. It’s never too late, right? He passed over the links for his mixtapes, and I sat down and listened to them all… quite thoroughly. I think he’s developed another fan (me), because I’m diggin’ what he’s puttin’ out there for the world to hear.


rundmcRun-DMC will be the first rap group to ever get a street named after them. That’s right!

On August 30th, the corner of 205th St. & Hollis Ave is when and where the renaming will take place.