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Interview: Charlie Bones

Meet Charlie Bones. Don’t let the gorgeous face at the left fool you. She’s a 20-year-old undercover villain, leading an evil army in California. When she’s not planning her next move, she shoots people behind her camera and is an alternative model for GodsGirls.

We’ve reviewed her photography back in June, and I thought, why not interview her now? Yes, perfect. So in between her adventures of traveling, she took the time to answer some questions.

*NOTE/NSFW: After the jump, there will a few shots showing her glorious tatas. SO… if you don’t want to see ’em where you’re at right now (work, around kids, or whatever) then don’t click. But if you do, then keep going! :]

Nima Fadavi "Behind The Beat 1"

nimafadavi Not sure who Nima Fadavi is? For starters, he’s a hip hop producer from the Bay Area. He’s done production for artists such as Del The Funky Homosapien, Killah Priest, The Grouch, Pep Love, Andre Nickatina, Sab, Sunspot Jonz, and more. He has also toured/performed with most of the individuals listed, along with Zion I, Immortal Technique, Dead Prez, Aesop Rock, Murs, KRS-One, Devin The Dude, and so on.

By following his Twitter, I saw that he released his album, “Behind The Beat 1“, for free download on his website. And since I just got through listening to it, I thought I’d post a little about him and spread the album to you! I only post things that I like, so if you like hip hop, you won’t be disappointed.

Short-lived Life of Magen Melancholy

Magen It was after hearing hip hop heads such as Atmopshere, Aesop Rock, and Sage Francis that the then 17-year-old Magen (from California) knew she wanted to rhyme. Now 24-years-old, she has released “The Short-Lived Life of Magen Melancholy” EP (Intangible Innertainment). Also involved are two other Intangible artists. Featuring Yamil Rodriguez, and production done by Marlak3y. Marlak3y provided the mixture of electronic, hip hop and downtempo background. In this EP, she brings you into her world of thoughts. Some socially conscious, some based on the human condition, and others filled with true feelings and emotions. With a lasting time of under 25 minutes, you won’t skip a single track of the eight. You’ll probably have a few of them, if not all, on heavy rotation. I did.

D-Sisive & Heidi Happy "Why?"

dsisiveheidi I’ve never heard of Heidi Happy, but this duet with her and D-Sisive (Canadian rapper) is perfect. The first thing you hear are her vocals, and instantly, I was hooked. Beautiful! That jazzy beat, the violin, his rhymes, her chorus, and the mental image that D-Sisive paints… perfect.

D-Sisive dropped by the Do Right! Head Quarters and told them how much he loved Heidi’s “Flowers, Bird, and Home”, and created a duet with her song “Why?”

Rhythm Incursions

depakote-rhythm-incursions-300x300 Depakote passed me this mix, and asked that I’d recommend it to people. Sooo, I brought it here to CB for you. I don’t know too much about it, other than it features him and a bunch of other cats in and around Los Angeles.

You can read a little bit more about it here.

Tracklist and download link after the jump…

Waking The Dead

nomarslevikhalloween1 Sometimes I wish I were a kid again, so I could go trick-or-treating. I want some candy. Is it weird for 23-year-olds to go trick-or-treating without a little kid with them? :\ Probably. Instead, I’ll just have whatever candy I buy (no awesome variety of treats), that I’ll be passing out to the few kids that come around. Not sure if I’ll be doing anything exciting or not…

Anyway, happy Halloween! What’s up with you guys? Doing anything special today, tonight, or this weekend? Dressing up as anything? Yeahhhh, I’m pushing my nose into all of your lives… and you’re gonna like it!

Okay… it’s that time! As promised, I was going to link you all with where you can listen to 3 Nomar Slevik albums.

Rafael Casal is a monster

casalThis is the first promotional short film for the upcoming release of Rafael Casal‘s “The Monster LP”.

“The best and the brightest are locked in the confines of a research facility, where they are prisoners for fear of what may happen to the game if they were allowed to roam free. Fortunately for The Getback, one of our own has snuck into the cell block disguised as a guard, and let the MONSTER out of his cage…”

Bump in the night with Nomar Slevik

wakingthedead2 Around Halloween is when artists usually try to do special things to celebrate the holiday – creepy remixes, free music, and so on. Well, Nomar Slevik, a CrayonBeats familiar, is doing something cool. Check it out…

Brought to you by Nomar Slevik and Dis.eased Wrekkids, you’ll be able to stream the last 3 albums by Slevik for 24 hours. After the jump, find out which three…

CM Presents: Dumbfoundead Collabo Contest

dumbfoundeadd Check it out! Dumbfoundead is reaching out to all you younger emcees. He has started a “collabo contest”, which he’ll give some lucky winner the opportunity to have him feature on a track with you. Interested?

If so, start off by downloading this beat from TripMaster Monk. Write/record your song, and leave the third verse open for Dumb to place his 16 bars (if you’re the winner).

There are a few rules! You must be 18 or UNDER. No lying about your age either. You must submit your tracks by November 20th, 2009 – to funwithdumb@gmail.com (name, age, and track). Be CREATIVE!

Building projections

buildingprojection Check out this incredible video of animations being projected onto buildings, floors, and cars. Tell me this isn’t awesome, I’ll call you a liar.

SOUNDCHECK: The Phenomenal Handclap Band

phenomenalhandclapband I heard a couple tracks by the Phenomenal Handclap Band about a month or so ago, and I thought they were great. PHB is a supergroup of musicians from New York. The group was started by underground club DJs Daniel Collás and Sean Marquand. When they became tired of spinning other people’s music, they decided that they wanted to form their own act. After working with various artists of the indie rock and underground soul scenes, they eventually formed the 8-piece they are now: Daniel Collás, Sean Marquand, Patrick Wood, Pier Pappalardo, Joan Tick, Bing Ji Ling, Joan Tick, and Luke O’Malley. They’re with two labels, Tummy Touch (UK/EU) and Friendly Fire Recordings (US).

Red Bus: 2

This is one bus ride that comes at no price. The Red Bus is a hip hop group project formed by artists Dedflower, Lorax, and Yeti-One. Dedflower on production, while the rest of the crew lace the beats with vocals. They just released their second project through Audio Recon.

I’ve never heard any of their music before, but I figured since the email I received came from Id Obelus (who is friends with Nomar Slevik), that it had to be good stuff. Plus the music is free, why not give it a listen?