Two Tiffanys celebrating what they love by giving it a stage and using their voices to spread the word.


Napoleon Da Legend – “Choices”

Napoleon Da Legend (@teamndl) dropped a new track from his forthcoming album Propaganda, called “Choices”. Over a hard-hitting beat produced by Boogie Blind, Napoleon raps about the importance of every day choices and final decisions, whether good or bad, and how they can affect your life. Listen to the song below and then download for free over at Soundcloud.

maticulous – “The Journey” (ft Beedie)

Straight from maticulous‘ (@maticulous21) self-titled album, he’s putting focus on the song “The Journey”. Over a smooth, head-nodding beat made up of throbbing drums, snapping percussion, and the melancholy-sounding hum of a rock guitar, Pittsburgh emcee Beedie raps about aiming for your dreams and making the most of your life, pushing through the roadblocks you may face. Cuts by DJ Brace. Listen to the song below, and make sure you check out the rest of the New York producer’s album (and if tapes are your thing, he has some limited edition gold cassettes).

Chic Gamine – “Light A Match” video

With a 5-year gap between studio albums, Chic Gamine (@chicgamine) are releasing their third album on October 23rd, called Light A Match. The last I heard from them was when I interviewed the group in 2013, who have since said goodbye to founding member Ariane Jean, and in came multi-instrumentalist Benoit Morier (pictured in white in the photo above). Pushing an evolved, more pumped-up sound, the group released their title track today and matched it with a music video, too.

Graves 33 & Diogenes – “Life On Other Planets” album

Emcee Graves 33 (@graves33) linked with producer Diogenes to release a brand new album, on August 18th, called Life On Other Planets. The 7-track album bumps heavily with grungy, head-nodding drums, eerie samples, light strings and sparse electronics, while Graves 33 will capture your attention with his hypnotic flow and lyricism. Through creative songwriting, he delivers social commentary masked by extraterrestrial metaphors, intriguing wordplay, and complex storytelling that spans between dark thoughts and uplifting words. It’s a really dope album, and my favorite/most-played tracks include “Under A Microscope”, “We Elope”, “You Always Knew”, and “Low Tide.

Seven Davis Jr. – “Try Me (I’ll Funk You)” + Mono/Poly remix

Los Angeles-based producer/singer Seven Davis Jr. (@sevendavisjr) dropped a track a few days ago, called “Try Me (I’ll Funk You)”. If you bought the vinyl version of his Universes album, released in June, then you’ve heard it before. It’s an ultra-funky, upbeat party song that moves to the sound of thick, buzzing synths, electronics, and hard-hitting hand claps, while you hear him repeating sexual-sounding lines about funking you day or night, and left or right. Throw this on and get on that dance floor.

However, paired with that single is an orgasmic remix by Mono/Poly, and it’s just as good… but sexier. A slow groove of boom bap drums, stretched synths, clunky percussion, spacey sounds, and a lovely piano selection sounds like a lot happening, but it really works. Listen to both, and hopefully you’ll like them as much as I do. They’re amazing. Buy the double-single (Bandcamp link listed below, but I think you can also find it at iTunes).

Kiiara – “Feels”

Yesterday, I clicked play on Kiiara‘s (@kiiaraonline) “Feels” song over at Soundcloud and I’m feelin’ it! I don’t remember who re-posted it, for it to show up on my SC timeline, but I’m glad that they did. She makes music that could be described as futuristic R&B mixed with dreamy pop. This Illinois-based singer-songwriter is a newcomer to the music scene, with a debut EP, titled Meet Me in the Cornfield, on the way. She currently has 3 singles out: “Gold”, “Tennessee” and, most recently, “Feels”. I like them all so far (go listen to them here), but I’m here to share the song that put me onto her.

SOAK – “Sea Creatures” (Live on 89.3 The Current)

I was new to SOAK (@soakofficial) up until last night, when I watched her live performance of “Sea Creatures” over at The Current Youtube channel. Then, like anyone who gets put onto someone new and fantastic, I went to Youtube to listen to more! SOAK is an 18-year-old Irish singer-songwriter that released her debut album, titled Before We Forgot How To Dream, on June 1st (2nd in the USA), over at Rough Trade Records.

The Cypher Effect: Bonnie Blue, Nat The Lioness, Ruby Ibarra, & Lucy Camp

The Cypher Effect recently stopped through San Jose, California, and had four dope spitters on the mic, with those being Bonnie Blue, Nat The Lioness, Ruby Ibarra, and Lucy Camp (fka LuzID). Do my ladies run this…? Hell yeah, they do! Over a beat by Alcapella, they each spit a verse showcases their lyrical prowess, with energetic deliveries, tight flows, dope rhymes and strong punchlines that will make you rewind to listen again, confident bars and verbal threats. They are all awesome on this, and not one of them outshines the other, in my opinion. Check it out, and if you are new to any of them, make sure you search them/their music out. Wheeeew!

BURIERS – “Fool’s Errand” video

It’s been a little while since I’ve checked in on the BURIERS (@buriersofficial), and I feel so sorry for that. However, upon seeing what they’ve been up to, I saw that they are releasing a 2-song cassette single on August 24th, over at I Had An Accident Records. They put out a music video for the B-side of that cassette, for a song called “Fool’s Errand”. As to be expected, James P Honey penned a powerful, poetic spoken word rap that seems to be some social commentary on human decay and the world today, over a chanting drum beat.

Von Poe VII – “Titan” video

I wanted to share this music video back in June, but I forgot. From Von Poe VII‘s The Purity of Love and War album (free download), he dropped a black-and-white video for his song “Titan”. With a head-nodding, melancholy-sounding, boom bap beat by 3POINT, Poe reflects on his dreams, his strong work ethic, the importance of being true to yourself, and his dream to be an influential person in hip hop and life. “And I just wanna live // And I just be great // So regardless how my story ends // Just know that I was never fake // I never back away from promises that I made myself // It’s hard to find direction when everybody got they hands out // But nobody’s tryin’ to help me“.

Tef Wesley – “F.T.S.”

I was just listening to Tef Wesley‘s (@tefwesley) “Gametime” the other day, wondering when he was going to drop a new track from his forthcoming album with producer Grussle. Then, just like that, my question was answered. He recently dropped “F.T.S.” and it packs that same aggressive punch that we witnessed in the first single (watch the video here). Tef gets in naysayers’ faces like a lyrical weapon ready to blow, with a raw, grimy flow, witty wordplay, and a whole lot of verbal threats that’s powered by adrenaline and a determination to protect what’s his, all over a hard-hitting, monstrous banger. It has me hype, and excited for that album. This song NSFW and he’s not about to give you a clean version… because fuck that shit. “I can’t remember when I lost my mind // But I been like this for years, so don’t cross that line.”

Deuce Eclipse & J.Lately – “The Setup” album

Emcees Deuce Eclipse and J.Lately released their collaborative album, titled The Setup, on July 31st. There are 10 songs, with production credits to Jamie Way, Oops, Mind & Matta, Falling Blocks, and Kevin’s Laboratory, and only one guest feature from Zion I. Switching between rapping and singing, as well as English and Spanish, these two Bay Area emcees lace up hard-hitting boom bap beats with intricate lyrics that are packed with tight flows, clever wordplay, positive perspectives, emotional depth, personal storytelling, conscious bars, and everything that you’re sure to like from Deuce Eclipse and J.Lately.