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Calibro 35 – “Bandits on Mars” video

The Italian funk band Calibro 35 dropped a new song and video recently, called “Bandits on Mars”, which will appear on their forthcoming, fifth studio album S.P.A.C.E.. The music video was filmed by John Snellinberg (who also did “The Butcher’s Bride” video) and, much like their other videos, this one has a cinematic vibe. The explosive funk jam sets the mood for what we see as a furious Western fellow heading to Mars to seek revenge on 3 bandits that took his wife’s heart. I won’t say much else, because you really have to see it. Action, space, revenge, aliens, robots, laser guns, and an “Oh, shit!” twist of an ending… you gotta watch it!

Rocky Rivera – “Godsteppin” video

Back in June, Bay Area emcee Rocky Rivera dropped a music video for “Godsteppin”, from her Nom De Guerre EP (a proper write-up on that soon). The song was produced by Fatgums, and it finds Rocky spitting powerful lyrics about racism, injustice, police brutality, and was largely inspired by organizers around the world that took action in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter. The video, by CoolReve, not only shows Rocky performing the song, but also live footage from some of the protests (RIP Mike Brown, Oscar Grant, Eric Garner, and those who have lost / continue to lose their lives due to the on-going injustice). Watch the music video below.

Von Poe VII – “Breeze” video

Von Poe VII dropped a new music video last week, for his latest song called “Breeze”. It is the first single on the re-release of the album The Purity of Love and War and it’s also the first to receive a video. (Side note: If you didn’t already know, Poe is known for adding and subtracting songs after albums have been released, as well as deleting music videos and re-filming/directing them).

AIMES – “Falling”

AIMES (real name Aman Ellis) is an Alabama-born, Brooklyn-based Electronic / Disco producer, and I heard this song “Falling” after listening to Pat Lok‘s “Your Lips” on Soundcloud, because it was one of the related tracks. I’m glad that it was, too, because then I went to his profile to listen to more tunes and became a fan. Back to the track at hand, though!

Pat Lok – “Your Lips” (ft DiRTY RADiO)

Vancouver-based producer Pat Lok dropped a dance floor jam, called “Your Lips”, and it will transport you into the disco era (whether you existed in it or came after that time). Featuring the silky smooth vocals of Canadian indie R&B singer DiRTY RADiO, he sings about falling in love and, boy, is it good. Especially so, because the pulsating synths and groovy rhythm of the beat makes me wanna bust out my best impressions of 70’s dance moves. After this, I definitely need to keep my eye on Pat Lok. “I can’t get enough – oh no!” Listen to the song now, and then pre-order over at iTunes.

Hunny Gale – “Get Back”

Hunny Gale is a musical theatre-trained singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California, that claims her genre as being “rock n’ soul” (at least, that’s what it says on her Facebook page). Primed to release her debut EP, titled Dream No More, she put out her first single a few days ago. Through warm, midtempo guitars, clapping snare sounds, and an easy-going vibe, produced by Daniel J. W!shington, “Get Back” finds Hunny Gale singing a romantic song about being away from the one she loves and looking forward to returning back into his arms, because their love is kinda magic. There’s a sweet folk-soul sound in this song and, along with the happy, love-induced lyrics, it pulls at me in a comforting way. I can’t help but smile. Stream the song and look out for her EP tomorrow.