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Dregs One & Ill Sugi – “Universal Language” album

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San Francisco emcee Dregs One linked with Tokyo producer Ill Sugi for an album, titled Universal Language, that released on November 9th via French label Cascade Records. It is said that Dregs One’s music reached Ill Sugi through a local record store while still in high school, which later led them to communicating on the internet. After Sugi sent Dregs some beats and remixed a few of his songs, he flew to the Bay Area to visit and stayed with Dregs during his trip. The album was created over the course of a couple of years, but that trip is what birthed it all.

Monday/Friday – “MF” video

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When making music together, Atlanta-based producer Illastrate and producer/emcee Yamin Semali become MondayFriday. Having already released a full-length, self-titled album, in August of this year, the duo is already working on a new EP.

They released a brand new single and music video last month, called “MF”, which is from their forthcoming EP Time and a Half. The song is mega fly, as we hear Yamin spitting boastful, creative rhymes that are mostly made up with a variety of different MF acronyms, over a head-nodding beat. I like that it’s a lyric video, so it’s easy to follow along. Video directed by Kevin Smith (no, not that Kevin Smith).

Jook & Pro – “In Charge” (ft Rebellion) video

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Having formed in 2014, Jook & Pro are an emcee/producer duo from Ontario, California, with an album on the way. “In Charge” seems to be their first single, and it’s a feel-good song about working hard to make a name for oneself in hip hop, over easy-going, reggae-influenced live production. It also features gritty-voiced singer Rebellion in the chorus.

Interview: Dave Dub & Tape Mastah Steph on “Sade’s Forehead”

Bred in San Jose, California, and in the process of relocating, emcee Dave Dub is not a new name or face in the underground hip hop realm. I became familiar with his name and work through another California emcee, named Megabusive (side note: those two make music together under the alias The Fucking Mutants–hear somethin’).  I think I got put onto him one or two years before his 2012 album, titled The Treatment, came out, but it was mostly due to word-of-mouth and hearing him spitting on other artist’s tracks (which is a fine way to get put onto someone fresh). Dave Dub has been in the music scene since the early 90’s, largely in hip hop, but he has also dabbled around in the punk scene during the early 90s. I advise that you check the discography here, for some of his works.

Awkward – “Awkward Vs Beastie Boys” compilation

Last year, producer Awkward unveiled and released a collection of Beastie Boys remixes that he created over the course of 5 years, sometime betwen 2007-2012. With 18 offerings, you’ll hear Awkward’s experimental hip hop style rebooting songs like “That’s It That’s All”, “We Got The”, “Oh Word”, “Shake Your Rump”, “Brrr Stick Em”, “Right Right Now Now”, “Pass The Mic” “3 The Hard Way”, and more. I think Awkward did a lot of them justice, too, so you should give it a listen. Stream the remixes below and download each individual track over at Soundcloud (do it while you can, too, because I’m sure at some point Soundcloud and their new rules will flag ’em).

Solid Steel Radio Show 10/30/15 – Awkward

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Bristol-based producer Awkward was on the latest Solid Steel weekly episode, which ran on October 30th. Following Perc (listen here), he stepped in on the second hour to play a selection of self-produced originals and remixes, and also some songs by his friends. In combination with what he’s had his hands on, you’ll hear music by Freestyle Fellowship, Little Dragon, The Cloaks, Acid Reign, Ultramagnetic MC’s, Open Mike Eagle, Anderson .Paak, Megabusive, DJ Shadow, and more. One hour worth of hip hop, experimental, and electronic music for your ears. Stream the mix below, and download it for free if you want.

Ellie Goulding – “On My Mind” video

From singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding‘s third album Delirium, due out on November 6th, watch the music video for her Max Martin-produced single “On My Mind”. Filmed in Las Vegas and directed by Emil Nava, we see Ellie Goulding in a drama revenge plot where she’s recounting the steps of a lustful relationship–perhaps a fling–that ended poorly, so she seeks revenge on the man that hurt her. Much like the visual representation, the song is about having someone on your mind that shouldn’t be there and figuring out why the thought of them still lingers, despite the drama that came from them. It’s a raw, honest song with Ellie singing from the heart, which I really like, and the lyrical content describes a common feeling of having someone stuck in your head. Watch the video for this sweeping, emotional pop hit below.

NomiS – “Traffic” (ft John Givez) video

NomiS is an emcee from Southern California, who takes pride in being a conscious artist that aims to shed light on dark truths, and hopes to change lives through his music. Some of his history includes releasing four albums (Mouthpiece of the Lion in 2008, Rosario Dawson in 2010, Searching for Alpha Trion in 2012, and The Wretched: A soundtrack of Justice & Redemption inspired by Les Miserables in 2013); receiving a co-sign from Rosario Dawson on his 2010 Rosario Dawson album; and having shared stages with musicians in various genres (Wanda Sykes, Evidence, As I Lay Dying, The Visionaries, SuperNATURAL, Toby Mac, & others).

Rocky Rivera – “GRLGNG” video

From Rocky Rivera‘s Nom de Guerre EP, released in June, she recently dropped the music video for “GRLGNG”. Over a head-nodding, soulful beat, produced by Moose, it’s a fun, celebratory song written about the the hard work that goes into chasing dreams, the accomplishments, the pride and joy of their success, and the overall camaraderie of her ride-or-die girl gang with DJ Roza and Irie Eyez. It also serves as a little anthem (especially with the catchy “we pulled up in one whip – GIRL GANG!” and “no, you can’t sit with us” lines that we’ll all be repeating) for all of the women and our real friends.

GLASS – “What It Is To Believe” video + Q&A

GLASS is a pop band from London, England, made up of front-woman Jessica Winter and guitarist Scott Rimington. Although the two started making music together in 2012, “What It Is To Believe” is their first official single… and music video!

Through galloping drums and smooth piano playing, we hear Jessica’s soft, angelic voice lingering through the uptempo, danceable beat, to sing a short, yet poetic song that is about the power of belief. Joined by a thick buzzing bassline and hints of bright keys, the ghostly “ooooohhhhs” of the bridge will almost put you in a trance (if her voice hasn’t already). In the video, Jessica is dressed in an all-white jumpsuit with slicked-back hair, and we see her leading a man into the bar’s bathroom. However, when she comes out, she is drenched in blood, joyously dancing after what seems to be an exhilarating experience, and blissfully unaware of her wrong-doings.

The Monsters Are Due On CrayonBeats (part 3)

Good morning, readers! I am proud to announce that the third part in my The Monsters Are Due On CrayonBeats compilation series is out TODAY. If you aren’t familiar with this concept compilation series that I have curated, let me briefly explain what it is.

As an 80’s baby and a child of the 90s, I read the Goosebumps books as a kid and, boy, did a lot of them scare me. In my years, I’ve also seen all of The Twilight Zone episodes, and continue to watch the series when it marathons during holidays. Similarly, they are really cool, innovative creations that tell tales involving themes of horror, thriller, science fiction, fantasy, comedy and beyond–they take your mind into strange and scary situations that are based on dream and reality.