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Interview: Gimm!박사

(Dr. Gimm) is a one man show. He sings, dances, produces, raps, writes, directs, and probably juggles sharp objects while sleeping. Yeah, he wears many a hat and what’s great about it all is, he wears them well. Late last summer I found myself listening to his single on repeat and then about a month later, I accidentally bumped into  him on Youtube trying to find out about another artist’s music; which he actually produced, unbeknownst to me. Coincidence? I think not!  Well, needless to say I was eager to interview this new artist/producer who just seemed to have come out of nowhere!  Thankfully, Dr. Gimm made some time in his soon to be very busy schedule to do this with me.  Read on in this exclusive interview for CrayonBeats,  and  get to know a little more about this upcoming talent, Gimm!박사!

Tiffny: First I’d like to say thanks hello and how are you?

Gimm!박사: Hello this is Gimm!박사 (Dr. Gimm) I’m happy to have this special moment with CrayonBeats.

T: How old were you when you realize you wanted to be apart of the music? Did you always know you wanted to be a performer?

G: I didn’t know I would end up to be a musician. I always thought I’d be a CG animation artist ’til I was 15. [The] first time I started to make music was for my own movie soundtracks. Few years after that, I found myself being a musician.

T: What was your favorite song growing up?

G: John Lennon – Imagine

T: The first time I bought  a CD with my own money, I spent it on a popular boy band at the time named “Immature”. I still have it today and it brings back lots of memories whenever I listen to it. What was the first first album you purchased with your own money as a kid? Do you still listen to it often?

G: Michael Jackson – HiStory. Yes, I still listen to it often.

T: Not only do you sing and rap, but you also write the lyrics, and produce the music for all of your tracks. You’ve also been producer for others as well. Do you feel there are any significant differences in being a producer versus being an artist?

G: I think  producer is like being a director for a movie and singer as an actor. When I make music, I seek for [the] best performer that matches the track. That could be myself, or it could be others. I’m playing both roles and producing gets exciting in the studio, and performer on the stage.

The 17 Year Old: out now on iTunes

T: I know that your music covers many genres. In the past, you’ve debuted with a ballad single titled Remember; and recently your 2009 single The 17 Year Old/Heaven was more hip hop and pop flavored, with electronic elements . Are you inspired by any particular artist or genre?

G: When I make music I just try to make good music. Genre is not an issue. I always try to be inspired by all kinds of music.

T: Let’s talk about your most recent release The 17 Year Old/Heaven, which was released in August of last year. The single had some pretty heavy synth beats, catchy melodies, and was great for dancing; however, I heard that it got slapped with a parental advisory warning! Why!? Also, how did that make you feel knowing your music was possibly pushing the envelope?

G: It was said to be ‘not suitable for below 19’ because they say few sentences ‘could have’ been about couples having sex together(which it is). I didn’t understand why my music only had to be available for kids over 19. My music wasn’t porn, it had no violence, no strong language or what so ever. This society (South Korea) gets little offensive when it comes to anything about sex.

T: Despite from the small controversy surrounding the single, you still won over many fans as well as critics. You had the opportunity to open the show for the Cyworld /SK Digital Music Awards. Was this your first major performance?

G: Yes. After that, I was surprised that some people recognized me on the street.

T: How did it feel performing for such a large audience?

G: Overloading energy. I still need to learn to control that.

Performing at the Cyworld Digital Music Awards

T: {Laughs} Since we’re on the subject of large audiences, I wanted to say congratulations on getting the single The 17 Year Old/Heaven on iTunes. But not just iTunes in South Korea, you’re on the worldwide iTunes!! How excited are you that fans from all over the world can buy your music from the largest digital music distributor?

G: Very excited! It will be same for my upcoming releases. Im also thinking to release songs in various language in the future.

Dr. Gimm’s upcoming single: Give Money

T: Wow, that sounds interesting, can’t wait!! So your upcoming single 돈을 달라 (Give Money) will be released on Sony Music too?  That’s also a big deal, so congrats again! How did that come about?

G: Recently I signed to a major management company. They took me to Sony Music and I had the opportunity.

T: What direction will the music go on this single, pop style? Or will you continue with more Hip Hop?

G: These new songs are more rock, swing, acoustic. I don’t know what style I would go for [with] my future releases. You will have to find out :)

T: Since your music is now going to be accessible to overseas fans as well as to fans in South Korea, do you have anything you want to say to your existing and potential foreign fans?

G: Despite [the fact that] I  haven’t even started a major promotion here yet, thank you for your support and interest! I hope we can even make it to overseas promotion and concert someday.

T: OK, this is a totally random question, but, if you could throw a concert on the moon, who would you invite to open for you? And would I get backstage VIP tickets?

G: Moon!? Wow, ofcourse! You, my family, my girlfriend, my bestfriends… oh wait, that’ll be more like my wedding…

T: {Laughs} Alright, back to reality! Youtube is a great place to get exposure to fans.I know you have a channel for your production company Mamasay Music, but are you planning on starting a channel just for your music?

Performing at the Cyworld Digital Music Awards

G: I left Mamasay Music because me and the owner, we had some disagreement together. But I will be starting my own channel for my own music and artists that I produce.

T: Aw, that sucks, but at the same time; I guess it’s a good thing, since you get to explore your own identity, right? Lastly, I’d like to thank you again for allowing CrayonBeats to be your first interview! Any last thoughts?

G: Thank you, it was great to have my first interview from CrayonBeats! Exciting things are planned to happen for Gimm!박사 in 2010 so keep in touch!


We definitely will! Make sure you check out  Gimm!박사 at his official blog [here], Twitter [here], and Youtube [here].  Also, if you like what you’re hearing from the samples above, you can purchase his single The 17 Year Old/Heaven, available on iTunes [here].

Written By: Tiffny

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  • Tiffny

    January 19, 20104:44 pm

    Thanks guys! I’m glad to have gotten the chance to interview him, myself. Mia, thanks for checking out the interview! Tiff, the metaphor about producer vs artist also stood out to me. He summed it up very well in my opinion.

  • Tiffology

    January 19, 20104:08 pm

    Great interview, Tiff! I liked his metaphor for being a producer versus being an artist.

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