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Interview: 보니 (Boni)

Early last month, we introduced you to Boni through our SOUNDCHECK, as the newest soul diva of South Korea. At only 24, this young woman is on the verge of starting a new revolution in K-pop; a revolution that is about bringing back the soul to Seoul. Her music is reminiscent of the late 90s and early 2000s in not only Korean Pop music, but American styles as well. Her velvety voice dances easily between fun dance tracks and smooth ballads without missing a beat, and while this South Korean beauty has just stepped on the scene, she’s already gained an international following. Having just released her debut mini album “NU One” in March of this year, she’s already made the rounds on South Korean shows like Mnet’s “The Pub” and KBS’ “Star Golden Bell,” and now, CrayonBeats brings to you her first English interview, especially for her international fans! Read on as we get to know this dynamic singer, Boni!

Tiffny: Can you tell me, when was it that you first knew you wanted to pursue singing as a profession ?

Boni: It was the 1st year of highschool. Actually, before [I was] determined to be a singer, I was afraid of being a star or celebrity. But singing, I mean, musical desire never let me do other things. I chose to be a singer after all.

Tiffny: Who did you listen to the most growing up ? Did you have any favorite artist ?

Boni: I used to listen to Backstreet Boys, They were my Hugh Idol. They were everything to me. ;-)

Tiffny: I noticed a slight accent when you sing in English… have you lived or studied abroad? You kinda sound like you have a New Yorker accent!

Boni: Hahaha!! XD!! I’ve never been abroad, ever. (But I really hope to go abroad soon! to meet my fans!! ) a New Yorker accent ? wow. It’s the first time I heard. Well.. I think that’s because I’m watching American sitcoms and soap operas.

Tiffny: Before you’d officially debuted, you actually gained a following from some videos posted of you singing songs like If I Were A Boy, Mercy, and Come On Over by Beyonce, Duffy, and Christina Aguilera respectively.  Did people recognize you from the videos, at any point and if so, were you ever surprised ?

Boni: Actually, many people couldn’t recognized me, so my company put my name, Boni and Korean name Shin Bo Kyung on the videos as mentioned. I’m just surprised that people really liked those. ‘Cause of the videos, I got a lot of fans also.

Go Round {English Version}

Tiffny: I’ve read that you were discovered by Suk-Won Jeong of the band 015B, and that you also got to sing on their album. How did it feel knowing that you were chosen to appear on their album at such a young age ?

Boni: I thought ‘.OMG. it’s a miracle! I gotta tell everybody!’ But I felt that I wasn’t that good enough to sing on their album on the other hand, after recording and showcase, I realized that’s awsome chance to build up my career and experience to communicate with fans. I was young, but I got a big chance at that time.

Tiffny: Your first official stage performance was on MTV’s The M. Were you nervous ?

Boni: Yes! of course. I was sooooooo nervous, so I can’t even move my arms and legs. kk ;^D I was almost iced. You can feel that too, when you watch that videos, haha XD

Tiffny: I absolutely love “ResQ Me”. Your voice is so powerful and full of soul. The song is really reminiscent of 90s R&B, but updated. Real smooth and carefree. Do you feel that your music brings a breath of fresh air to what’s out now?

Boni: Well… I hold fast to my opinion about this album, I love R&B and Soul, and I wanted to present new direction of genre in Korea music. There are lots of ballads, rocks and dance music in Korea, But R&B and Soul music aren’t that familiar.

Tiffny: Do you write your own lyrics, and if so, where do you draw your inspiration from?

Boni: [Yes,] Especially from Comic books and movies haha :^D And also my experiences though. I usually write lyrics visually, put in some things that I saw. Painting by my imagination.

ResQ Me

Tiffny: You’ve been nicknamed by Korean fans and media as the ‘Female Taeyang’ (from Big Bang) because of your strong voice. Did it surprise you when you found out you were being compared to one of the most popular and talented singers in K-pop?

Boni: Sure, I was surprised that I’m compared to Tae Yang. I like his performances and songs. And I respect him as we belong to the same genre, as I already mentioned above, R&B and Soul are unusual genre in Korea. And I think Tae Yang doing good job in this scene.

Tiffny: Would you ever consider doing a duet with him?

Boni: Yes! Yes! XD I hoping the dream comes true. Hahaha :^D

Tiffny: Speaking of duets, is there any artist (male or female) that you would love to sing with?

Boni: Umm.. Lady Gaga, or Rihanna of female artist, And, I want to sing with Tower of Power. kk (is it too big, huh? ;^D)

Tiffny: Random question: If you couldn’t be a singer, what would your second choice of career be?

Boni: I could be an elementary school teacher or a kindergarten teacher. I love children, when I see kids on the road or at a park, or something, I just STOP. And actually before I decided to be a singer, I wrote down “teacher” on my dream paper…

Tiffny: What’s your favorite thing about being a singer, and what’s your least favorite?

Boni: Favorite ? Hmm.. kind of difficult question. A favorite thing is the health of my vocal chords. And the least thing is.. working hard. kk. Actually, there’s no the least thing. Everything is important to me. ;^D

Boni Get Started

Tiffny: Two more questions and then I’ll let you go. First, where do you see yourself as an artist in the future?

Boni: In the future. I’m thinking that I will be one of [the] Korean Divas. (every singers dreaming of being a diva :D) And I would go around the world for tour, for my fans. Heart beating so much right now !! XD

Tiffny:And lastly, what would you like to say to your fans as we join you on this journey you’re about to embark on as a singer?

Boni: First of all, thank you for joining listen to my songs and to be fan of mine, As my one of songs “Boni get started”, I just started as a Nu One. I will keep doing my best for you guys, Plz, keep loving my songs, and Boni, I love you all, God Bless you !

Thank you so much, Boni, for chatting with us at CrayonBeats, and on behalf of your fans in Korea and abroad; We love you too! Can’t wait to see you on the top!

Purchase Boni’s mini album “Nu One” here on Yesasia.


To keep up on all things Boni, visit her on the web at:

Lable | Official Site | Official Twitter| Facebook Fan Group

Fan Youtube | Lable Affiliated Youtube

Official Fan Forum | Cyworld Cafe | iTunes

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  • Tiffny

    June 3, 20105:58 pm

    :D Yeah, ResQ Me is <3!! I'll edit with links on where to find her music! :)

    And yeah, her answers were really great. Her personality shined through on each one. ^^

  • Tiffology

    June 1, 20105:46 pm

    I listened to the tracks, and you’re right… she has a beautiful voice. Although I didn’t understand “ResQ Me”, it still sounded good to my ears. I know they’re snippets, but I wanted more. Haha. :P

    I also enjoyed the interview. She seems like such a sweetheart, haha.

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