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ArchDuke – “Ama Be Happy” live video

A couple of months ago, I saw this video shared on Facebook and was blown away by what I had just heard. ArchDuke is a genre-bending duo between Jacob Denzel and Charity Croff, from Gary, Indiana, and their music is often a cross between hip hop, R&B, and electronica; they sometimes bringing in elements of jazz, rock and pop, too.

The song starts off with a brief, yet beautiful cover of TLC’s “Waterfalls”, and soon transitions into their “Ama Be Happy” song. It’s an uplifting, feel-good song about finding the silver-lining in bad situations and letting love guide you through life with a smile. Aside from the positive lyrics, their voices sound so good separately and together. Charity takes the first verse (“Ama be alright, Ama be okay…“), while playing the keyboard, sing-rapping about the beauty and importance of a woman, and I love it.

Jacob gets on the second verse with deep, silky-smooth vocals, sing-rapping about personal struggles and setbacks, but not letting any of that bring him down (“My heart’s been torn into pieces // Pride’s been crush and ego’s been diminished // My life’s been tossed to the floor, to the ceiling // Up and down like I live on a ‘coaster // But still I see love keeps lifting me higher, and higher // So with every hit I take, I get stronger // I can go a little bit longer // Make room for the infinite // […] // Unless I go hard on stage, and walk like God // Because good Lord knows that I ain’t get to walk on graduation day // So every stage I grace, I walk like I ain’t never walked before // Speak like I done talked to God before // Think like I done been let down before…“).

I love the way they deliver their verses and watching them perform, too, because the happiness and passion can be heard in the rises and falls of their voices, and seen in the way they move when performing. WHEW, YES! Such a dope, beautiful song. Singer Jenee Jones blesses the very end with her heavenly voice, singing “Speak into the atmosphere“, and I feel like I’m in church. They took it there and they do such an amazing job. I’ve replayed this video multiple times since then, have learned about half of the lyrics, and joyfully sing the chorus and clap along (“Ama be happy, ama be good // you better believe it // ama be happy, ama be good // get that understood“). This performance was filmed at Fakulty Studios in Highland, Indiana. “Ama Be Happy” was co-produced by Charity Croff and Carnage Swank.

Get this song from their 7-track album, titled Concrete Garden, that was released last year. You can download it for free, and/or leave a tip, by clicking the link below.

DOWNLOAD Concrete Garden

Written By: Tiffany B.

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