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Aquilo – “Waiting” (live video)

The last song on Aquilo‘s (@aquilo) Calling Me EP is “Waiting”. It’s a tender and gorgeous song that will make you feel something. I was quickly enchanted by the minimal, melancholy piano playing and Tom’s breath-taking, intimate voice. He sings a sweet, personal song about his undying love and waiting for the one (“There’s something you should know // I won’t stop ’til you know that I mean it // I’m waiting for you, darling // I’m waiting for the one“). The love-fueled emotion behind the lyrics and vocal delivery–especially the little falsettos that he hits–gives me chills. Ben also punctuates some of Tom’s words with his own light, falsetto voice. Whew, fantastic.

Anyway, I love this song, and even more so after watching this live video of it. Directed by Harvey Pearson. I said the word “love” a few times, but when you watch this video (or hear this song), you’ll understand why.

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Written By: Tiffany B.

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