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An Ode to Creative Work

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The brilliant art platform Behance takes us through an inspiring, short film about the opportunity, hardship, and responsibility of creative work. This less-than-2-minute film is shows the highs and lows in numerous artists lives. This is for all of us with creative minds, that are all too familiar with the doubts and obstacles–within and around us–that challenge us in life. But, a dedicated artist will strive to take control and always push through to do what they love. This is the labor of love.

Produced by M ss ng P eces, with music composition by Josh Peck. Behance is behind creative direction and writing. Watch below.

In recent months, our team embarked on a side project to film an eclectic group of creative minds at work. From the Behance community, we asked some folks we admired (interactive designers, art directors, graphic designers, fine artists, and others) to allow us to film them over the course of a day – the ups and downs and everything in-between.

We all share common struggles, yet collectively, we have more opportunity than ever before to make an impact in what matters most to each us. It is this hope and vision, grounded by the reality of the hardship of creative work, that motivates our team to build 99U and Behance. — Source

Written By: Tiffany B.

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