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Album Review: MOMENT- “MOMENTS”

For the past few months, I’ve been basically fangirling over music from MOMENT (@MOMENT_SWAG_CAT), in particular his 2-part mixtape Season of Letters/Season of Bullet. I’ve blogged about him in the past, sure, but recently he’s really been one of my Most Played artists. When presented with the opportunity to review his new album, MOMENTS, I knew that I would be in for a good listen. Now being that I already had his mixtape in heavy rotation, I wanted to listen to the album without bias as much as possible. I listened with as much objectivity as I could because I didn’t want to mislead you guys and because I wanted the review to be as honest as possible. I’ve already mentioned many-a-time though that I was enjoying it as a whole, but here’s a breakdown of the album track by track and my thoughts.



01. Hold Your Breath: Opening the album, this song sets everything up for what I’ve come to call the Swag Cat Experience : the hype feeling that sneaks up on you and has you acting a fool by the end of the track. The beat gives me intergalactic slow jam with turnt up drummer boy vibes while lyrically, MOMENT perfectly balances a nice dose of ratchet self-confidence, charisma, humor and skill. Referencing everything from the usual name drops like Versace and Luis Vuitton to more random mentions like Luffy, M.C Escher and Rene Magritte, MOMENT takes every opportunity to introduce you to his talent and charisma as an emcee. As an introductory track, I give this a solid [5/5]

02. CONFESSION:  MOMENT gets sentimental on this open letter to God, fellow emcees, friend, fans and whoever just happens upon this track. Addressing fears any creative mind has encountered, MOMENT puts into words what we all feel-the urge to create isn’t about outside accolades, but about expressing our souls:


The overall tone of the song is one of perseverance while recognizing limits and imminent setbacks. One of the things I like most about MOMENT is his ability to rap about these sentiments without being a total downer. That being said, this track isn’t one that I’d listen to as much in the grand scheme of things ~ especially where I am in my life at the moment. Keeping in mind that I understand how this song can touch and motivate others who may need it (and myself later down the line) my rating on this track is [4/5].

03. Korean Language 101: A tongue in cheek interlude that treats us to some hilarious tutelage with Korean phrases juxtaposed with slang, idioms and phrases in English that kinda sorta mean the same thing. Rating [N/A]

04. Sh! B@L Nom: Now in case you didn’t infer it from the Korean Lang. 101, Shibal Nom means motherfucker in Korean. It’s one of my favorite Korean swear words and coincidentally it’s also my favorite track on the album.  In my opinion, this is another one that gives you the Swag Cat Experience as you find yourself getting more and more turnt as the track progresses. I first listened to this in public and definitely drew stares as I started wildin’ with my headphones on singing “I be that chibi motherfucka, call me SHIBAL NOM!” [5/5]

05. Limbo: Slowing things down a bit and taking it down several notches, MOMENT once again gets deep, this time focusing on depression. A taboo topic until recently, many artists struggle with the condition and it’s not often that rappers especially speak about it so frankly.


Having recently gone through a bout of depression, I can relate to MOMENT’s words as I’m sure many others can. As for the beat, it does a great job of letting the song’s tone shine with minimal synth/organ and kicks to cushion the heavy lyrics.  I give this track a solid [5/5]

06. Waiting: Moving on to a more happy topic, MOMENT describes his dream girl on Waiting. In suit with the subject matter, the beat is much more playful and lighthearted. It’s a good transition from the previous track and I like the carefree vibe. Like most girls, I love songs like this one because it’s nice to know that guys have a romantic side and are also planning when they meet “the one.” This track is really sweet and I give it a  [4.5/5]

07. Luthien feat. C.Muligan: MOMENT lets his nerdy side show in this love song dedicated to J.R.R. Tolkien’s elf princess. Either that or he’s metaphorically dedicating this song to a special lady in the real world, either way it’s a very chill song that transitions easily from Waiting. On this track though, we get to hear MOMENT’s singing, which btw isn’t bad at all. He sounds really confident when he sings and I like his tone, however there’s not much to say about this track since it doesn’t stand out to me as much. [3.5/5]

20141224_gur004_backcard_omote_ol.ai08. ILLEAGLE feat. Young Yazzy & IPPEY: Everyone on this track goes so hard I can’t even. First let’s talk about this beat and how even at a low volume it had everyone within earshot getting it in. This is the first time I’m hearing Young Yazzy and IPPEY and I’m not disappointed. Young Yazzy has a lot of charisma and IPPEY’s delivery is everything. After Shibal Nom, this is probably my second favorite track and of course MOMENT turns up. Breaking down the lyrics, all three emcees have something to say outside of just getting wild but my favorite is MOMENT’s verse (and Yazzy’s quip about Back To The Future). This track is definitely [5/5]

09. SH! B@L Nom REMIX feat. Jinmenusagi & SNEEZE: Surprisingly I don’t like this track as much as the original. It’s still live but I think what I’m not feeling is the beat. I’m familiar with Jinmenusagi from him working with Hanzo Reiza so that was a pleasant surprise to hear on this album. As for SNEEZE, I’d only ever listened to him on MOMENT’s My Name Is Not Joon Mixtape, but I liked his verse as well. Again, MOMENT brings a solid performance with nuanced subject matter and wordplay. I’m noticing that he often attacks taboo topics with no fucks given and I respect that about him. Overall though, this track is a little left of my tastes, so I give it a [4/5]

10. Kyoto Shojyo: The last track on the album, Kyoto Shojyo and this ode to the former capital of Japan closes out the album with more chill vibes and samples to help accentuate the image MOMENT paints of the city. I personally know that feeling when you’re in love with the atmosphere and liveliness of a city so I can get down with the sentiment behind this track. Although it’s not my favorite on the album, I respect the feel of this track and give it a [4.5/5].


A big thank you to MOMENT and for sending me the album to review, also for sending the translated lyrics!

Written By: Tiffny

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