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Album Review: Jean Grae – “iSweatergawd” EP

Being that the year is almost over, I wanted to get in some stuff that I haven’t been able to/haven’t had time to write about… until now! Here we go. Since I wrote about Jean Grae‘s SAIX EP, which came out at the same time as this project (in June!), I gotta write about this one. iSweatergawd is a 6-track album that was produced entirely by Quelle Chris and, after releasing a few cool R&B projects, we hear Jeannie spitting raps on the mic again!

Her songs revolve around being a real stand-up human with a dope work ethic, being a boss in every day life, and just really flexing her rap skills (“Crux”); the trouble with making assumptions about other people’s lives and having that grass-is-greener-on-the-other side perspective (“Looking Free”); slipping away from your comfort zone, frequent occurrences of unfortunate events / death, and trying not to lose hope (“Falling Down”); love, loss and loneliness (“Maybe”); doing both the talking AND the walking when it comes to boasting one’s lyrical prowess through impressive rhyming/writing, over a funky, horn-driven jazz beat (“38 Special”); a deeply personal and emotional song that was written after losing her mother on August 20th, 2013–the pain and heartache is palpable through her storytelling lyrics and the sadness in her voice (“August 20th”). Throughout the album, there are a lot of pop culture references, funny metaphors, strong storytelling, clever wordplay, and everyone’s delivery is really on point with each song and its content + beat.

As far as features go, she has Quelle Chris on two tracks (“Looking Free” & “Maybe”) and Tanya Morgan on one (“38 Special”). The production is dope, and Jean and Quelle Chris haven a proven track history that they work well together (and they truly seem to enjoy working with each other, so that always comes out in their work). I was originally going to write down my favorite tracks but, as I started to do so, I realized that I like every single one of them. Stream the album below and then get that Paypal (or whatever) ready to spend $10 for it.


Written By: Tiffany B.

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