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Album Review: Ateller – “1001 Nights” EP

Beat maker Ateller released his 1001 Nights EP today, via Cascade Records. Through 5 tracks, he is telling “the story of a man in the strange nights of a big city, observing loneliness, sexuality, beauty, ugliness, humor, complexion, and chaos; 1001 nights in a city where no one belongs but everybody exists.

If you hit play on the first track (“Inferno Dance“) and you don’t find yourself starting a slow-motion dance of sorts, by nodding your head to to the pounding bass drum and/or tapping your foot crispy clap, then we are on different wavelengths, because this had my once-at-rest body moving. The steady climb of different percussive sounds really vibes with me, particularly so when it picks up all the thick synth elements, blasting off into futuristic-electro territory.

I already spoke about the future-R&B song that is “Wolfchild” in a previous post, basically saying that Denitia‘s sweet, soulful voice does wonders over Ateller’s chill, but sexy beat. Crazy, sexy, cool, if I do say so myself.

BK Dusk” takes me through a whirlwind of speeds, where Ateller blends galloping drums and rapid hi-hats, with big, somber piano playing. It’s melodic and emotional, and the (sampled?) vocals crooning in the background reminds me of dance/house jams that I heard at the roller skating rink in the late 90’s. I love that nostalgic feeling that I get when I listen to that song. While the mood of this tune does make me want play it when it’s dark, to zone out on my bedroom floor while I escape my thoughts, I’d listen to this during any time of day.

On The Beach” features O MER and, at first, it wasn’t among my favorites (like the previous 3). After listening to it on repeat a few times, it grew on me. I think it had to do with the draining vocals at the beginning, because I preferred O MER’s vocal best when Ateller’s beat is flourishing below it. HOWEVER, after listening to the lyrics, it makes sense why the vocal delivery sounded exhausted–he sings about being disconnected and losing grasp of his dreams. The beat begins in a downtempo state, which builds up the dark subject matter, but nearly mid-way it rises into a beautiful production with jittery percussion and dreamy electronic effects that’s surrounded by an electrifying synth fence. What began as a song that I wasn’t sure I’d like, turned into one that I can really appreciate. The whole second half is lovely.

Last on the EP is the title track, “1001 Nights“. “Maybe I’m Selfish” is the one stand-out vocal that’s looped and layered with this beat’s lush keys, synths, claps, a heartbeat bass rhythm, and chopped vocals. It’s a cool beat to just kick back and listen to, so do just that. Stream the EP below, then download from Bandcamp for $4. Also available on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.


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Written By: Tiffany B.

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