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Aesop Rock – “ZZZ Top” video

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Brand new Aesop Rock music video, for his song “ZZZ Top“, from his highly anticipated album “Skelethon” coming soon. The video is extra dope, like something straight out of a movie. Martial arts, violence, knife throwing, and ruthless murder. Moral of the story: don’t fuck with Patti Li. And who knew that Zumbi was so dope with a bat? Video directed by Pete Lee. Don’t forget to pre-order “Skelethon“, dropping on July 10th.

“ZZZ Top, where the 3 Z’s come from is each verse is about a younger person who’s just sorta discovering what they like in life. Discovering music, discovering the power that it can hold to be a part of something creative. The first verse is about somebody carving the word “Zoso” into a school desk. Kind of a Led Zeppelin fan, little young rock-and-roll kid. The second kid writes “Zulu” on his Chucks; little hip hop fan. And, the third verse is about a young punk kid, who’s just a fan of this band the Zeros. Same thing, he thinks he’s onto some real shit.” — ZZZ Top explanation

Also, if you haven’t been watching the videos where Aesop Rock discusses each song, track by track, do that over here. Below are the ones that have dropped already.

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