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Adeem – “Looking For A Window” (ft Blueprint) video

New Hampshire emcee Adeem, whom some might be more familiar with through his hip hop group Glue, has just released a brand new song, called “Looking For A Window”. This was a bit exciting for me to come across, seeing as how it’s been quite some time since I’ve heard/seen his name–I think the last time that I saw his name somewhere was on a Mike Relm song in ’08 (and before that, it was the Catch As Catch Can Glue album). He’s been gone for a long time, but not forgotten…and I sure am happy to see him back.

Produced by Adeem and guitarist Ben Rogers, “Looking For A Window” is driven by foot-stomping drums, grungy guitar riffs, and a sung chorus that, in combination with the beat, will surely get your adrenaline rushing. Adeem enlists Blueprint for a verse, and the two unleash quick, heart-racing flows and lyrics that were penned from places of stress and a dire need to let loose and escape from anything that tries to cage them in. Filmed by Alexandrah (of Solillaquists of Sound), with additional help from Toni Nagy, the two emcees are alone, spitting raps in pitch-black wilderness, with a forest girl roaming the area and clawing her way out. Watch the music video below, and also stream the song via the Bandcamp link (where you can purchase the single for $1). Look out for the song on his forthcoming album Moving Toward Life; I know I will be.


Written By: Tiffany B.

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