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1xRUN: Rudy Fig

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Rudy Fig is a 24-year-old artist and toy enthusiast, based in Minneapolis. With parents being toy creators and accelerating in art at a young age (dropped out of art school, taught herself, and showed in galleries), she grew up in a creative environment. She specializes in pastel-colored oil paintings, that feature “a cosmic world of candy-coated vixens, magical garden tea parties, and psychological purging.” Her art beautiful, and evoke joy.

She put up 3 pieces on 1xRUN, one of which is already sold out. She is selling an original painting. Titled I Want What You’re On, this mixed-media painting is 14.5×12″, framed, and is loosely based on the tale of Alice in Wonderland. There is only one of these, pricing set at $500. So, get it while you can.

PURCHASE I Want What You’re On


The other, Delusions of Loneliness, is a limited edition print. At the time of posting this, there were less than 40 prints left, so get one while you can. This piece is 20×16″ and is from her third solo show, “Galactic Garden Party”. Priced at $65. As usual, the art comes signed, numbered, and with a Certificate of Authenticity from Rudy Fig and 1xRUN. Both runs end in 7 days.

“This is a piece from my third solo show “Galactic Garden Party.” The original painting is oil on canvas and at the time is was one of my largest pieces. I was in between houses and super pregnant living in a crusty basement so it was sort of therapeutic to paint something colorful and whimsical. The main idea is that the girl in the bathtub who thinks she’s alone is actually surrounded by animals, spirits and flowers. Even her bathtub is alive. ” – Rudy Fig

PURCHASEDelusions of Loneliness

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