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1xRUN: L’Amour Supreme – Basel Castle 2012 Official Print

In my previous post, when I talked about Basel Castle, you saw the some stellar, fluorescent artwork by L’Amour Supreme. 1xRUN teamed up with TOTT Global, The Overthrow, Basel Castle, and L’Amour to sell the 2012 Official Basel Castle art print. Limited at 100 prints (13×19″ on 330gsm fine art paper), you can get yours for $50. It will also be available at the TOTT Global pop-up gallery located inside Basel Castle.

Having pulled his name from John Coltrane’s album “A Love Supreme“, L’Amour Supreme is an artist from New York. About the piece, he says, “ It was a black and white brush drawing that I did with a sumi brush, I just inked it, then drew it out and colored in in with Photoshop. For all my colors I try to get them as fluorescent as possible and go from there.

“The name L’Amour Supreme came about from me being such a big fan of Coltrane and his album, A Love Supreme. Supposedly he had this spiritual awakening while recording it. Not in the traditional Christian or Islamic sense, but more of an overall revelation of the connectedness of all beings. I definitely feel that listening to his music and that’s something I wanted people to feel when they view my art.”

“Basel Castle is one of the craziest parties that goes down Art Basel week here in Miami. So for this print, I just wanted to go crazy with the graphic and show what I got out of it last year and give an inkling of what it could possibly be this year. I mean I’m kind of dark, I know Basel Castle isn’t that dark, but there’s this idea where it just seems like a big crazy dark carnival/ festival type thing, so that’s what I wanted to convey, so I hope it did that.” – L’Amour Supreme


L’Amour Supreme will be painting live at Basel Castle. Also, while in Miami, he will painting a few walls, and showing his work at Scope, due to him winning the Red Bull Canvas Cooler Project.

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Written By: Tiffany B.

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