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1xRUN: Jonathan Bergeron “Sk8 & Destroy”

The most recent art piece on 1xRUN is from self-taught artist, Jonathan Bergeron. Also known as Johnny Crap. Limited to 50 copies, and going quickly, his original “Sk8 & Destroy” piece was done with oil on wood, in 2011, and it only took 2 days. He describes the piece as being, “Radical, duuuuude.” And, it is radical!

The print is 14×19 inches. You may buy it in print only ($ 65.00), or with a frame. The frame option for this print includes a 1″ black wood frame with UV glass, archival backing, frame spaces, paper backing to guard against dust, and ready to hang hardware. And, of course, the opportunity to buy this ends in week’s time from when it was posted–deadline: January 24th.

“This piece was a commission for a friend. She wanted to give a painting of mine to her boyfriend. I agreed to do it and used older paintings I did as a start up. I did something for Eddie Wall pro model for Forum snowboards a while back, which was base of an older painting I did when I started doing the Calaveras. It was a cool “Homie” calavera sitting on a wall, Homie Dumpty to be exact. I just made him do a grind and a shattering wall. ” – Jonathan Bergeron


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Written By: Tiffany B.

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