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1xRUN: Jessica Hess – “Providence Playground”

San Francisco-based artist Jessica Hess is a photo-realistic urban landscape painter. Through the 1xRUN website, she is selling one of her prints, including the original, of a painting she did called Providence Playground (information about the piece below). The prints are selling quickly, and at the time of this post there were only 35 (of 50) left to purchase. The print comes in 24″x18″ archival print on 300 gsm Italian Cold Press Water Color Paper, available for $50.

Hit the purchase link below. Also, read her interview with 1xRUN right here.

“This piece came to be after visiting a friend in Providence after we were exploring the city on our bikes, looking for murals and graffiti. We stumbled across a large abandoned teal-painted building. We hopped the fence and found a way inside. My jaw dropped. It was nothing short of a palace to me. Before the building’s street art “makeover” it had been a nightclub. A nightclub painted in teal and purple…no wonder they went under. Now in its derelict state there were spray-soaked bars, painted stairwells, murals on the dancefloors, a tagged up dock outside extending out over the water, smashed windows, and empty spray cans as far as the eye could see. It was perfect. I was especially excited to be able to photograph and subsequently make paintings of this awesome. So after shooting about 500+ photos, the sun setting, and my friends repeated requests to “wrap it up” on account of his hungry stomach and shivering, we left. This painting and subsequent print is the result of that wonderful adventure.” – Jessica Hess


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Written By: Tiffany B.

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