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Von Poe VII – “Breeze” video

Von Poe VII dropped a new music video last week, for his latest song called “Breeze”. It is the first single on the re-release of the album The Purity of Love and War and it’s also the first to receive a video. (Side note: If you didn’t already know, Poe is known for adding and subtracting songs after albums have been released, as well as deleting music videos and re-filming/directing them).

Produced by ARE, the jazzy hip hop beat is layered with dusty drums and delicate percussion, and it’s just pretty and soothing in sound. It’s broken up with voicemail messages and an interview sample that speaks on evolving as an artist. With his usual cool, easy-going flow, Poe raps about doing everything in his power to help his mom, his family, his friends, and those that he cares about; he alludes to wanting the best for everyone around him, because having a happy, successful life is way more than just wanting shit for yourself.

In the hook, when he says, “let me feel the breeze,” I interpret that as his way of waiting for the day that he can breathe a sigh of relief, when everything he’s been reaching for is accomplished and he truly feels successful. I also love the line when he says: “The game ain’t been the same since Papa J. and Poe been on the loose,” because it speaks volumes on their solidarity, friendship, and goals with each other in hip hop. The video, shot by the man himself, is beautiful to watch, too. We get more aerial shots, like those that we saw in Papa J.’s “Stolen Whip“, but here we see various locations in his hometown of Perris, California. Check it out below

Written By: Tiffany B.

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