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Tour Necessities Q&A: J.Lately on Nice Dreams tour

Hello, everyone. I am beginning a new interview series at CrayonBeats, called Tour Necessities Q&A. Basically, musicians will be answering a handful of tour-specific questions regarding the tour they are about to embark on, or are already on. It’s just a fun, different Q&A series that will give you some insight into their road trip life (their must haves, favorite road snacks, their tour rider, etc), while also informing you about their current tour!

Being that Bay Area rapper J.Lately is about to go on the Nice Dreams tour, headlining with Rey Resurreccion, I wanted him to be the first. Rey is up next! Check it out!


Tiffology: Tell me about the relationship between you and Rey Resurreccion, and teaming up for the Nice Dreams tour.
J.Lately: I’ve been knowing Rey for a few years now. I think it was Nima Fadavi who introduced us actually, back when me and Nima made our first album together. Rey and I have done a few tracks, and rocked a couple shows together, and we’ve always had good chemistry. When I was putting this tour together, I was looking for another up-and-coming artist to bring along, and Rey just seemed like the perfect fit. I really respect hard work, dedication, and humility, and Rey definitely embodies those three qualities. Not to mention, we share a couple of the same pastimes.

What is the mode of transportation?
We rent the smallest, cheapest car that we can all fit in, haha. I got a line in a song that says, “Big dreams, small cars, good gas mileage”, and that is exactly it. A lot of people get so caught up in “living that life” that they can’t actually afford to live it. Plus, it’s easier to hotbox a midsize car than a sprinter van.

How many bags are you packing?
As few as possible. I usually got a big bag of merch, small bag of clothing for myself, and a backpack.

When you pack for a trip, do you pack just enough outfits for the amount of days out? Or extras, just in case?
I try to pack just enough outfits for the shows. Try to keep things as simple and easy as possible. Plus, my mom always told me it’s what’s on the inside that really matters anyways.

Another packing question – is it a must for your clothes to be organized and folded neatly, or just thrown in there haphazardly?
I try to keep things as organized as possible, in all aspects of my life. If I didn’t smoke so much, I’d probably have a minor case of OCD.

Tell me about your top 5 songs on your road trip playlist.
It’s hard to say a specific top 5. One of my favorite things to do on long drives is listen to new music. It’s cool, because there’s not much else you can do, except actually listen and get lost in the music. So a lot of times, I’ll try to listen to any new projects from the homies, or other folks from the Bay, or just new albums in general. Other than that, some of the people I end up slapping the most on the road are Devin the Dude, Evidence or Dilated Peoples, DJ Quik, Dom Kennedy, and Zion I. Lately, the new Schoolboy album has been getting a lot of play on road trips, too.

Tell me about your top 5 travel necessities.
Weed, whiskey, auxiliary cord, fresh socks, healthy snacks.

Tell me about your top 5 snacks and beverages for the road:
I like to try to eat as healthy and cheap as possible on the road, but that’s never that easy. Below is a list of my top, what I like to call, “struggle meals” on the road (everything can be purchased from a gas station and isn’t usually over $5). Whiskey isn’t listed, but that’s on the list, too.
Breakfast Option 1: Yogurt and almonds or granola.
Breakfast Option 2: Hot oatmeal (add things like fruit, trail mix, walnuts, etc).
Lunch Option 1: Triscuits, cheese, and jerky (preferably turkey)
Lunch Option 2: PB&Js
Dinner Option 1: Cup Noodles and jerky
Dinner Option 2: Tuna and crackers

What will you do to pass time?
In the car, really just listen to music, smoke, drink, and hang out. Sometimes try to be productive and write, or handle business stuff on my phone. Some people don’t like long drives, but there’s something about them that I really like. I like seeing new stuff, so I enjoy just looking out the window and seeing everywhere we’re passing, even if it’s in the middle of nowhere. When we get to cities, we usually just pass the time by exploring, if we have time. That’s one of my favorite parts about touring, is getting to see different cities, and just walking around and seeing what’s up. The best way we’ve ever passed the time in the hotel, was when I was on tour with ILAM, and me and Trey bought a mini basketball hoop and had some pretty heated games going in the room.

Are there any special stops that you’re looking forward to?
I’m really looking forward to all of them; there’s some places I’ve never been before, which is always hella fun. Two that I’m really excited about are the Santa Cruz and San Francisco stops, though. For Santa Cruz, it’s both of our first times headlining at the Catalyst, which is a spot we’ve been opening at a lot recently. It’s a dope venue, and Santa Cruz is always fun in general, so I’m definitely looking forward to rocking that one. The San Francisco spot is our tour finale and only real Bay Area show, so I know it’s gonna be super live, and it’s always fun getting to celebrate the tour with all your folks. That one’s also cool, ’cause I really get to set the line-up exactly how I want it, and I always have lots of good choices, ’cause I got so many talented friends in the Bay. This time we’re gonna be rocking with sayknowledge, Outbound, and CaliMade, who are all super dope acts.

Do you have a tour rider? If so, what kind of things are on it?
We do, but we’re not very picky. All we ask is food and alcohol, and we’re good to go. But give me a couple years to up my value, I’ma have me a nice little rider.

What kind of merch will you be bringing?
This time, I got a new line of collaborative t-shirts and hats with my clothing company Unusual Suspects Apparel that we’re dropping specifically for the tour. Definitely CDs, too. We also have some free giveaway bags with some cool little goodies in them for the folks who stop by the merch table.

Tell our readers a little bit about this tour, and why they should attend a show in their city.
It’s really just a no gimmicks, well put together hip hop show. We try to make it as much of a good time and party as possible for the people that come. As a hip hop fan myself, I really value when people are willing to spend their hard-earned money to come to your show, and I never want to let them down. Rey and I have both been working our asses off over the past few years building our craft, and you’ll be able to tell when you see us on stage. I think a lot of people forget that performing is a separate skill from recording. I also think that a lot of performers undersell themselves by doing things like rapping over their vocals. There will be none of that from either of us. If you’re someone who likes good hip hop and a good time, you’ll like this show.

Your tour flyer depicts you two as Cheech and Chong. Who’s idea was that, and how will you be channeling Chong?
Rey actually came up with that concept when I pitched the idea to him. I think it’s hella fitting, though. Besides the fact that we both enjoy marijuana immensely, we’re just two peaceful, positive, easygoing, fun loving people looking for an adventure. We didn’t originally say he was gonna be Cheech and I was gonna be Chong, but I think it fits. Chong’s a real laid back, go with the flow, calm type of dude. I’m definitely going to be channeling that from him. Things can get kinda hectic on tour at times, especially when you’re the one in charge, so I’m gonna try to remember to ask myself WWCD.

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The Nice Dreams tour begins this Friday, and kicks off in Willits, California.
See J.Lately and Rey Resurreccion perform, if they’re in your city!


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