Tef Wesley – “F.T.S.”

I was just listening to Tef Wesley‘s (@tefwesley) “Gametime” the other day, wondering when he was going to drop a new track from his forthcoming album with producer Grussle. Then, just like that, my question was answered. He recently dropped “F.T.S.” and it packs that same aggressive punch that we witnessed in the first single (watch the video here). Tef gets in naysayers’ faces like a lyrical weapon ready to blow, with a raw, grimy flow, witty wordplay, and a whole lot of verbal threats that’s powered by adrenaline and a determination to protect what’s his, all over a hard-hitting, monstrous banger. It has me hype, and excited for that album. This song NSFW and he’s not about to give you a clean version… because fuck that shit. “I can’t remember when I lost my mind // But I been like this for years, so don’t cross that line.”

Listen to “F.T.S.” right now, and go find it on iTunes or Google Play to buy. Look out for Tef Wesley and Grussle‘s album Pens & Needles soon.