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J.Lately – “Food With Friends” ep. 2

J.Lately (@justlately) is back with another episode in his “Food With Friends” mini-series, but this time he’s making food for a singer named Della, whose voice can be heard on about half of the tracks on J.Lately‘s forthcoming album, called Let’s Just Be Friends.

In this second episode, he puts together a cheap and easy version of pho for only $3. His “Faux Pho” meal includes a package (or two) of ramen, sliced up chicken sausage, chopped mushrooms, a raw egg, and sauteed spinach, with soy sauce and sriracha for additional spice. While eating, Della talks about weak pick up lines, the most annoying part about working with J.Lately, and more.

J.Lately – “Can’t Go For That” (ft Von Pea & Bambu)

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“Can’t Go For That” is the first single from J.Lately‘s forthcoming album, titled Let’s Just Be Friends. Over Oops‘ head-nodding, spunky beat, J.Lately, Von Pea, and Bambu talk about the things that they see happening and are against. For example, J.Lately isn’t down with those who are disrespectful towards women who won’t send them nudes, those that share too much about their relationship issues on social media, and petty people; Von Pea can’t stand being around miserable people and those that fight over dumb stuff; and Bambu isn’t cool with ignorant people, phony rappers, and those that overstay their welcome. Listen to the song below, then go download it for free over at Soundcloud.

J.Lately – “Food With Friends” ep. 1

To promote his forthcoming album, Let’s Just Be Friends, Bay Area emcee J.Lately has begun a video mini-series called “Food With Friends”. Each weekly episode will have a special guest, and they are all people who will be on his album. Before taking the viewer into his house, he briefly talked about his path of spending his money wisely and eating healthier, which can prove to be a hard task for a busy person, especially an artist/musician on tour.

Deuce Eclipse & J.Lately – “The Setup” album

Emcees Deuce Eclipse and J.Lately released their collaborative album, titled The Setup, on July 31st. There are 10 songs, with production credits to Jamie Way, Oops, Mind & Matta, Falling Blocks, and Kevin’s Laboratory, and only one guest feature from Zion I. Switching between rapping and singing, as well as English and Spanish, these two Bay Area emcees lace up hard-hitting boom bap beats with intricate lyrics that are packed with tight flows, clever wordplay, positive perspectives, emotional depth, personal storytelling, conscious bars, and everything that you’re sure to like from Deuce Eclipse and J.Lately.

Deuce Eclipse & J.Lately – “Caught Up”

At the end of this month, Bay Area emcees Deuce Eclipse and J.Lately will be releasing a collaborative album, called The Setup. Pretty big fan of J.Lately and new to Deuce, and I’m loving this first single from them so much!

Produced by Jamie Way, “Caught Up” fumbles over warm bass chords, slapping boom bap drums, and largely driven by a familiar 90’s RnB vocal sample, and I rock with it big time. The beat is what pulled me in, in the first place. Then came the guys. J.Lately tells a story in the first verse, about how he got caught up between two women and how it all fell apart. Stepping into the second verse, Deuce Eclipse raps about learning from mistakes and getting back up from those bad situations.

J.Lately – “Lemonade Stand”

Last month, J.Lately dropped a song about life and working smart, called “Lemonade Stand”. It was produced by 6Fingers (the head-nodding, bluesy, boom bap beat is sooo dope), with a guest feature from Bay Area rapper Tia Nomore. “When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, we all know that. But, you still have to sell that shit,” said J.Lately. Stream the song and download for free.

Tour Necessities Q&A: J.Lately on Nice Dreams tour

Hello, everyone. I am beginning a new interview series at CrayonBeats, called Tour Necessities Q&A. Basically, musicians will be answering a handful of tour-specific questions regarding the tour they are about to embark on, or are already on. It’s just a fun, different Q&A series that will give you some insight into their road trip life (their must haves, favorite road snacks, their tour rider, etc), while also informing you about their current tour!

Being that Bay Area rapper J.Lately is about to go on the Nice Dreams tour, headlining with Rey Resurreccion, I wanted him to be the first. Rey is up next! Check it out!

Interview: J.Lately

Ever since I got put onto J.Lately (@justlately) at the beginning of this year, I’ve been a fan. While I haven’t fully listened to his past works a whole lot (steamed them a bit), other than his Fly With Us EP, I do believe that his most recent album, titled Make. Believe., is his best work. There’s always something refreshing about having an entire album that communicates positive and uplifting messages, through introspective and honest lyrics, while still having a damn good time. His laid-back flow over head-nodding, boom bap beats, handled by numerous producers, made the songs enjoyable to listen to over, and over, and over again. I had a lot of high praise for it, too.

After listening to Make. Believe. in full, I wanted to talk to J.Lately about it, and get to know him. I recently had the opportunity to talk with him, where I gained some insight into who he is as as a person, his struggle with confidence, the ideas behind some songs, his most recent tour experience, and a whole lot more. Check out my interview with the Oakland-based emcee below.

J.Lately – “Dreams” video

From his Make. Believe. album, watch J.Lately‘s (@justlately) music video for the song “Dreams”. Directed by Kolepa Phy, the visual sees J.Lately sitting forefront, while footage from his last two tours play out over a beautiful nebula background. The song is a reflection of his musical journey, and he shows love and appreciate to those that have believed in his dream. Cameos from Azure (HBK), CaliMade, and I.L.A.M. “It serves as a homage to all the people I’ve met and places I’ve been thanks to this thing we call Hip Hop,” says J.Lately. Produced by Arze Kareem. Watch below!