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Support the final album of Mr. J. Medeiros

Mr. J. Medeiros (@mrjmedeiros) pursued his music dream for nearly two decades. In 1997, he got his start as a battle rapper in his hometown of Colorado Springs. Then, by 1999, he started a hip hop group called The Procussions (along with Stro Elliot +/- past members) and moved out to Los Angeles. They released 3 studio albums (As Iron Sharpens Iron, 5 Sparrows for 2 Cents, and The Procussions) and 2 EPs (Up All Night and The Procussions EP) between 2002 and 2006. They toured extensively between 1999 and 2007, having performed 800+ live shows throughout 46 states and 17 countries. They played with Run DMC, De La Soul, The Pharcyde, A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, Digable Planets, and several others. By 2007, the group disbanded (but regrouped to put out this album last year) and Mr. J. Medeiros directed his musical talent into a solo career.

If you’ve been a fan of him since the beginning, you’d already know that has dropped 6 projects thus far. This includes one of my favorites (and my first introduction to him back then), his debut album Of Gods and Girls, released in 2006. He followed it with The Art of Broken Glass EP and Friends Enemies Apples Apples in 2009, Saudade in 2011, Pale Blue Dot EP in 2012, and The Rockies EP in 2013.

He is now working on his seventh and final album under the name Mr. J. Medeiros, and will release it on JANUARY 15th, 2015. In the time being, the emcee is reaching out to his fans, friends, and family for help. He began an IndieGoGo campaign to help raise the necessary funds to finish the album. Please know that this IS NOT him retiring all together, he’s just putting the name to rest.

There are some very limited, exclusive, personal perks that you can grab, such as digital downloads, digi-pak CDs, vinyl record, t-shirts, 2GB worth of his drum sound library, your name in CD artwork, a toy box truck with personalized artwork, lyric sheets, 16 bar feature, his 1997 ASR-X Sampler/Re-Sampler, and much more. The physical items will only be offered via this campaign, and no where else. Your opportunity to contribute and get your hands on some awesome items ends August 28th! Watch the video, read his reasoning behind this choice, and then get more information behind the campaign by clicking here

This name has been through a lot since 1997; it has endured constant misspellings, poor pronunciations, endless fighting to be heard, seen, promoted, mentioned, recognized, respected, and vigorously pushed by my own efforts to be more than a brand, a logo, a digestible advert for a commodity or a product.

Simply put, Mr. J. Medeiros is me – a real person, a human being, and like everyone else, made too awkward for any one dimensional description. I started so young, so ignorant to this business, and I never thought to see myself AS a business, or felt a need to separate my name from my person – to become a commercial entity, reducing my birth name to become a one-dimensional product. Unfortunately, I see that while this is my own stance, the entertainment industry holds the opposite to be true and has become increasingly built on depending on that disposable and one-dimensional model.

This is not an issue of “complicated” vs. “simple;” it’s a case of artistic evolution from any one state to another. I don’t see the industry (let’s be real here, the “industry” nowadays basically means any mass accumulation of potential “fans”) as having any trouble with any ONE state of being, but rather it’s the flux between one to another it doesn’t care to support. Am I making sense? It’s the growth or “in-between” time that’s difficult to “market”.

For example, I’ve had a very difficult time transitioning from being overtly “Evangelical” and “Religious” in my earlier days to becoming (for extreme lack of better words) more “secular” and “philosophical.” I’m not speaking of the personal struggle – though it was difficult, I’m speaking as an artist, or what the industry views as a “brand” (a business), but here’s the thing, Mr. J. Medeiros is not a business.

(NOTE: I still hold to the most primitive- or should I say simplest- facets of my Christian faith- but that’s beside the point. NOTE AGAIN: See how I feel the need to explain myself, as to not lose the “brand”. )

It’s possible that as an artist, I’ve attached and entrenched my personal life too deeply in Mr. J. Medeiros the rapper; so much so, that growth as a person feels like something I have to “market” to make real, and if the marketing isn’t right- I’m made to feel my growth isn’t either.

I hope I am being clear- I’m not retiring from making music, I’m retiring a name that seems trapped in it’s industry debut.

That said, though I am excited about the possibilities of future projects, I am actually MORE excited about finishing this last Mr. J. Medeiros album! This is where I’m at right now and if there be any future steps- they won’t start without this important one.

I hope you hear this album as the creative sum of my musical and personal experience and that you can feel the importance of your contribution.


Written By: Tiffany B.

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