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SOUNDCHECK: Jellyfish Brigade

I enjoy it when people recommend music to me and it happens to be really good. Tonight, Bloodmoney suggested that I check out a couple of Portland-based artists, one of which is a duo named Jellyfish Brigade. Made up of producer Jeffrey Acciaioli and emcee Lucas Dix, they embarked on their musical journey together way back in 2009 (wow, that’s five years ago now).

After listening to their most recent project The Art of Being Pulled Apart (released in 2012), and then going back to their first project, Gills and a Helmet (in 2011), it’s clear that they’ve been shining since the beginning.

Jeffrey shapes fun, futuristic, emotive beats that are so pleasing to the ears. I’m immediately pulled into the break beat of the drums, which range between dusty, boom bap rhythms to hard-hitting pounds that will reach into your soul and make you move. Nod your head while a kaleidoscope of swirling synths, vibrant percussion, glitchy basslines, electronic boops and bleeps, and stuttering vocal samples infiltrate your senses. So dope!

Then, Lucas hops onto each beat with a cool, relaxed flow while delivering powerful, storytelling raps. His lyricism is deeply poetic, abstract at times, and laden with metaphors and imagery that will magically unfold in your head. The way he manipulates words, too, man… I love it. You’ll find songs that are philosophical, dark and mysterious, beautiful and uplifting, introspective, and more. This man a talented songwriter and that should not go unrecognized.

Not only have I been listening to their music on repeat all night, learning the lyrics and rapping along, but the hooks are in infectious sing-song, R&B-tinged form. I dare you not to sing along. What an excellent suggestion; call me a fan of Jellyfish Brigade. With that said, I strongly urge that you take a listen to both projects below! Who care that their most recent album is over a year old? Good music is good music. However, you can be on the look out for a new album in May!


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Written By: Tiffany B.

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