Shamir&Nyce are two hip hop artists from Washington, DC. Presented by Resistant Mindz and the World of Light collective, they welcome you to their latest release. “Urban Taoist” is a 2-track project, released as a limited edition 7″, featuring songs “Battlecrap” and “Open Windows”. Super nice production handled by BlkAlien; a tasty turntable cut and a head-nodding boom bap beat. They showcase dope rhymes, catchy melodies and hooks, and conscious humor throughout. Having never hearing of Shamir or Nyce before, these are two excellent representations. Both songs have been on repeat for the last 20 minutes. I’m diggin’ them!

It’s available in two packages: MP3 only or the vinyl package (which also comes with the MP3’s, and the “Kill the Konspiracy” EP on CD). Stream and purchase below.



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