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Sarah-Jane – Psychedelic Love (Official Video)

Say hello to Sarah-Jane ( @SarahJaneMusiq ), a singer, songwriter and performing artist from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Her Badjekkah produced single Psychedelic Love dropped May 2014 and is currently available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. Sarah-Jane’s neo-soul sound is right up the alley for fans of Angie Stone, Jill Scott, Harleighblu, and Ladi6; all of them cut from the same funky, fun and soulful cloth.

In Psychedelic Love, Sarah-Jane sings about her love-hate for the man in her life and to be honest we’ve all felt the same way at one point or another. What I like about Sarah-Jane is that instead of making this track some woe-is-me melodrama, she flipped it into a fun and quirky (and at times very sexy and sassy) song that can be played at almost any time or mood. Check out the official video for Psychedelic Love below and lemme know what your thoughts are on Sarah-Jane. She’s pretty dope if you ask me!


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Written By: Tiffny

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