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Odélie Chan x Eloïse Fiorentino – “Eye See You” collection

If you read our fourth magazine issue, then you might remember the work of Paris-based jewelry designer Odélie Chan being in there. Her latest collection is called “Eye See You” and it’s a collaboration with another Paris jewelry designer named Eloïse Fiorentino.

The two met at Odélie‘s booth at the Who’s Next event a few years ago, where they shared a mutual love for music and accessories. Their first collaboration was called “RULER 2: Yin Yang,” watch the trailer to see a glimpse of their work on that particular collection. Since then, they have been working together on several more pieces and collections, such as “Blossom” which was featured in our magazine.

oc-ef -- eyeseeyou-close1
oc-ef -- eyeseeyou-close3


The “Eye See You” collection consists of 6 unique pieces that were hand made in Paris. Odélie created the beautiful, triangular pendants that feature large nacre eyes as the focal point, and Eloïse decorated each one with her abstract, gold-plated metal that formed necklaces and earrings. To find out more about the collection, I went straight to one of the sources–Odélie Chan, herself. When I asked her for insight on how the concept for “Eye See You” came about, she said, “[It] comes from a personal inspiration after having found a strange illustration.

Talking about the idea for the grand concept behind the original photo shoot to present the pieces, she said, “At the beginning, I wanted to express how we are blinded by all these medias; all the screens are captivating us and we are swallowing all the info in a passive way. That’s why the model has her eyes closed. The original shoot had a TV. The first picture has the model’s eyes closed and the eyes observing her in the TV behind her. The second pic has the model with eyes closed and the TV with a gray screen and eyes inside starting to panic–that is why some earrings have that zig zag design. The last pic symbolizes the awakening, where the model [has her] eyes opened and the TV [has a] black screen. That was the initial idea, but we had many difficulties organizing it, so we made it simpler.

oc-ef -- eyeseeyou2
oc-ef -- eyeseeyou

Odélie sent Eloïse this sketch, and they made the above 6 pieces. Although the original plan for the shoot didn’t pan out, I think their collective idea and concept still comes across in a subtle, but clear way. The pieces are so bold and beautiful. If you like what you see, don’t hesitate to hit up Eloïse‘s boutique or her email (found at her website), or contact Odélie via Facebook message.

ODELIE CHAN: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Written By: Tiffany B.

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