Moxi – “Missing Piece”

Indie pop duo Moxi (@moxilovesyou) is on a roll lately! We shared their first summer single a couple of weeks ago, and now they’re back with a second. Anna Nelson’s bright vocals bounce all around Andy Toy’s chunky drums and slinky synths in “Missing Piece”. It’s a happy, danceable jam that is the perfect backdrop for those feel-good, fun summer days/nights. Enjoy!

“‘Missing Piece’ feels in many ways like our red-headed stepchild that we never knew what to do with, but have now come to love,” according to Anna Nelson. “We weren’t even planning on recording it until we tried playing it live and it soon became one of our fan favorites. Both the lyrics and music are fun, upbeat, and happy (the opposite of almost every other song we’ve written), which is partly due to our collaboration with our good friends and talented songwriters Vince Pizzinga and Bobby Hartry. We love ‘Missing Piece’ because it’s quirky and dancey, and a ton of fun to play live, and mostly, because it’s about our cat.”