Movie Review: Hanna

Yesterday, Hanna premiered in movie theaters nationwide, and my friend and I decided we were going to check it out. I was extremely amp’d to see this movie because the previews leading up to the release date were action packed and who doesn’t like a good ass-kicker of a movie? Too bad the movie was just a slap on the wrist. Don’t get me wrong, there were some good fight scenes, however it seemed like all of the really great ones were squeezed into the previews.

Starring Eric Bana as a rouge agent for the CIA (who’s name also happens to be Eric..but with a “K”), he raises his daughter Hanna (Saoirse Ronan) as an ultimate fighting/killing machine in the harsh arctic forests. She’s taught from a very young age by her father various survival skills, including several different languages, hunting, and how to basically whoop ass with the intentions of exacting revenge on one Agent Marissa Wiegler (Cate Blanchett).

Following the teenage Hanna as she makes her way across Europe hunting her target had it’s highs and lows. There were definitely some laughs to be had as she awkwardly found her footing with other kids her age, but I felt like the story could have used much more development when it came to Hanna’s journey and interactions with other people once she left the isolation of the forest, as well as some more background on Agent Wiegler. Was the storyline coherent? Yes, sorta, but it could have been better. I felt like a lot of camera tricks (which mostly me nauseous), and fight scenes were used to kind of pull your attention away from certain disconnects in the story as there were quite a few moments, had there been more development of the characters, that would have really pulled me (and from my observation, other moviegoers) into the story.

It was really evident in one scene where most of the audience’s reaction was a collective “that was unnecessary”, simply because while we were given that Hanna really had no social skills and was as innocent as one could possibly be, the fact that we weren’t given the opportunity to really understand Hanna’s innocence made it rather awkward (for the viewer)…instead of pure and sweet, as I believe was intended.

Acting wise, is was great. Saoirse Ronan is definitely magnetic, and her ethereal looks really helped sell her character as raised-in-the-wild-arctic . Eric Bana (while he didn’t really have many scenes) kicked a couple of asses and Cate Blanchett as the bad guy (girl?) really had her moments too. Overall, I guess I liked the movie, for what it was. I mean…it was “aight” and the soundtrack was great. Was it on par with The Bourne Trilogy, and other movies like it? No. Did I feel like I wasted my money on it? Not really. Would I recommend anyone to go watch it in theaters? Nah. Wait for it to come out on DVD/Blue Ray or Netflix.

Rating: 6/10