The first song that I ever heard by hip hop/electronic duo Meanest Man Contest was “Throwing Away Broken Electronics” a few years ago (either when I subscribed to Gold Robot‘s RSS feed). I heard a couple of songs from their debut album, but haven’t heard much from them since… until recently. Fast forward to the present when I find out that this Bay Area duo is made up between Noah Blumberg and Eric Steuer. Eric Steuer is one half of Not The 1s, whom I’ve bonded with via emails for awhile (Not The 1s have a song on our fifth compilation and also filmed a music video for the track). It is a small world after all.

A decade since the release of Merit, Meanest Man Contest are getting ready to release their second full-length album, titled Everything Worth Mentioning, on October 29th via Gold Robot Records. It will include some songs from their previous projects (remixed, re-recorded, remastered), as well as some new tracks. It’s described to be influenced by “70’s singer-songwriters, 80’s pop, 90’s indie rock, and hip hop from across the timeline.” Cool!

Stream and download their new song “In The Dark,” where they venture into the experimental, electro-pop genre. Over a hazy, synth-driven beat, melancholy vocals sing a lonely, affectionate tune. “Do you ever think of me in the dark?” I really like it!


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