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MC Bravado & C-Nature – “Dope Perspective” EP

MC Bravado is a rapper from New York, and he’s 1/5th of the hip hop group Cypher Junkies (along with Marxman, McNasty, C-Nature, and No Name). He describes a rocky struggle to his current path, “I struggled with alcohol and ran into a substantial amount of trouble because of it. I overcame said trouble to pursue a graduate degree, got my act together, and currently work as a high school English teacher in Baltimore.

While it also deterred his progression of his hip hop career, it didn’t stop him. He’s been working hard in the last couple of years. He dropped a couple of free projects, “The Darwin Files Vol. 1” (a preview of a 20+ song mixtape dropping next year) and “System Update” (a project with Marc Beatz). Then, earlier this year, he released his debut album, “The Illy-ad“, physically and digitally, with features from Copywrite, Mac Lethal, and Koncept. Check that out, if you haven’t yet.

On November 22nd, he released a collaborative album with fellow Cypher Junkies member C-Nature (he dropped “Powerphernalia” last year). This EP has 9 tracks, it’s free, and it’s called “Dope Perspective“. And it’s just that. He gave me a good first impression with the track “Live From the End of The World”, produced by J57.

The concept is obvious; both emcees spit raps about partying and relaxing on the couch, while the world is in chaos and falling apart due to cataclysmic events. C-Nature in the first verse: “It’s kinda hard to think everything we know could be done now // Death keeps on calling me, they claim they’ve seen the sun die out // If that’s the case, screw it // Let’s go have a house party // Earthquakes and meteors, we chillin’ on the couch, prolly // Talkin’ about our past endeavors // My ass would never // Suit up for the forces of evil, like Master Shredder // Until I’m casper, better recognize the realness // 100%, my body is made up of it // Fuck a double helix, duckin’ from the crumbled rubble coming from the ceiling // Everyone’s invited: mothers, fathers, brothers, children, fuckin’ chillin…” And, Bravado: “An asteroid the size of Maryland just nailed the Atlantic // Another rock the size of Dallas ’bout to smash into Texas // Gasping, verklempt, on this tragedy present // Disastrous wreckage, prepare for the unraveling of man // Ravaging, savages, traveling, nomadic in the clan…

After listening to that track, I immediately needed to hear the rest. Aside from the 2012 phenomenon topic, you’ll also find lyrics based around bad dreams, appreciating the women in your life, making the best of your life by turning it around for the better, busting savage shots at competitors, perseverance, and much more. These two friends display good chemistry and skills in rhyme schemes, flow, clever lines, versatility, and solid subject matter. It’s gritty, it’s fun, and it’s engaging to listen to. Production from J57, Marc Beatz, Marxman, and Jay Butler.

Don’t sleep! Download for free or donate via the “name-your-price” option.

DOWNLOAD “Dope Perspective”

MC BRAVADO: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp
C-NATURE: Facebook | Youtube

Written By: Tiffany B.

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  • Popcorn Sutton

    December 8, 20129:00 pm

    great EP right here, coulda used a song or two bout moonshining but great none da less.

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